first day of college look

Every girl’s morning ritual is to stand in front of her overflowing wardrobe and asking herself what to wear!  Specially, on the first day of college as that’s the day when you need an outfit that makes a strong style statement. You not only have to choose the perfect clothes & accessories, but also need your behaviour & actions to be on point, in order to leave a great first impression on people. With these ticked off the list, you are sure to turn some heads in awe and have an impressive score card by the end of the day.

Say it with your clothes

Slight distressed jeans paired with basic t-shirts, a fun backpack and printed sneakers is the coolest outfit for your first day at college. Want to move over jeans in this heat? Well, palazzos are your best go-to mates as you pair them up with loose crop tops or bright colored tank tops. And if you want to take the ethnic way into college, then you can go for cotton kurtis and colorful patialas or leggings. Ditch the dupatta for a more casual and carefree look. Stack up on bangles, your favorite pair of jhumkas and kolhapuris and you are good to go. Just remember not to overdo any look. Combine simple style with comfort to create an outfit that leaves a memorable first impression!

New friends in the making

With clothes sorted, you also have to bring out your inner social butterfly. Don’t shy away from the new faces and try to make as many new friends as possible. Talk to others and let people see the sweet, social and interesting person that you really are. College life is all about having fun and these few years are going to make a huge impact on your life, so don’t hesitate to make these the most memorable years ever and go all out to meet people who will turn out to be some real keepers in the long run!

Accessories on point

Holding an equally important place as your clothes in this list are the undeniable life-changing accessories. Neither go over the top with them nor wear so little that its goes unnoticed. Use your accessories to spruce up even a simple, basic look so that they know who to approach for style advice! Go for smart braided belts, cool funky scarves, pin up quirky badges, trendy bags etc. to add a fun element to your college outfits. Choose comfortable footwear like sneakers, espadrilles, tie-up sandals or platforms to go through a long, tiring day at college in style. With accessories and clothes on point, there is no stopping you from turning heads all over the campus!

Classroom calls

We all know of the saying “the first impression is the last impression” and there’s a reason it’s said so. It’s very important to leave a favorable first impression on your teachers by being present in all your classes! Maintain the class decorum as you listen attentively to whatever your professor says. Greet them with a pleasant smile and take part in the classroom happenings and discussions. You can also help your fellow students with notes or volunteer to help your teachers with extra work to make a mark on everyone around!

So, with all of that followed and executed, you will definitely have everybody in the college thinking of you in good terms. Just don’t forget that million dollar smile and bubbling self-confidence, and you are all set to have a great year ahead on the campus!




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