As soon as the Monday morning meeting starts, we start thinking about our plans for the weekend. But what if there are times when Friday comes a whole lot early (say, in the middle of the week)! Yes, we are hinting at all those unexpected yet well-deserved national holidays that give us a pleasant surprise some year by appearing bang in the middle of the work week. With office and the boss out of the way, you have the whole day to spend with your loved ones, having fun and creating memories. Whether you are a lazy bum who thinks about spending the holidays sleeping and staying in bed, or you like to spend an off day with some crazy outdoor activity – a holiday in the middle of the week is a perfect excuse for letting down your hair and having some fun!



Rad road trips

Road trips are the best thing ever invented and going on one with your closest buddies is the best way to spend any free time! Mid-week holidays give us the perfect chance to set out on one of these short yet memorable road trips. These 1-2 day trips are easy on the pocket, while they help you to discover some unexplored, beautiful spots away from the city’s hustle bustle. These trips are, therefore, the best way to switch into vacay mood in the middle of the week, making you all energized and refreshed to go back to work the next day. Also, let’s not forget the innumerable pictures you will have for your Instagram feed for weeks to come!



Talk about theme parks

Whether you are five or fifty, you are bound to be enthusiastic about theme parks just the same. This mid-week holiday, head over to your favourite amusement park or water park, and see how the day goes by in laughter, excitement and unlimited fun. Obviously, if you are planning to be hurled down the water slide or spun around the rollercoaster, you need someone to cling to and scream together in the loudest of your voices. That’s where your friends or cousins or any co-theme park lover comes into the picture. Spend the day trying out the scariest of rides, playing the funniest of games and eating the best of theme park food, and you can’t be happier with the way you spent your holiday. Because as we know, friends who yell on a roller coaster together, stay together!



No fun without food

Why not spend a long-awaited mid-week holiday with your best bae (read greatest love of your life) – food! Your love for food is unparalleled, of course and there’s no better way of spending a day than by hogging on some yummy eatables. This upcoming holiday, plan to go on a food trail with other food lovers just like you, and spend the day gorging on sumptuous food and making your tummy super-happy! Travel around town, checking out the best and hidden gems offering the different kinds of cuisines or street food for a memorable day. We are sure this thought will get even the laziest of the people moving. And who knows, you might end up trying new dishes that you absolutely fall in love with, making them a favourite for a lifetime!



Resort rejuvenation

Now, with such mid-week surprises in store for you, one of the best ideas is to spend it in total relaxation, so that you can head back to daily life all new and rejuvenated. Head to a nearby resort and indulge in self-pampering for a perfectly relaxing day. Book a day at the spa and get your hair, face, nails etc. fixed with that soothing massage session or colourful pedi and mani session, and let all the stress leave your body for good. Spend all day at bed among the fluffiest covers and indulge in a movie marathon with your favourite tub of popcorn and ice cream. You can also spend a substantial amount of time lazing by the pool or go out on a candle-lit dinner! This self-loving holiday will actually do you more good than you can ever imagine.


So, you need not worry about staying home and getting bored on the next mid-week holiday that’s coming up. Enjoy to your heart’s content and customize your plans according to what you feel like doing, and be sure to have a fun-filled & memorable day!


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