We all know that one guy who wears a suit like a pro. The fit is perfect, the shirt complements the suit, and the tie pulls the entire look together. Not only does his effortless suit style lines up the ladies, it gets the men talking as well.

He makes it looks so easy, right?

(Psst…believe us, it is actually that easy.)

Our style geeks have a fool-proof system, and we have convinced them to share their secrets with you:

  1. Start with the shirt

It could be a crisp plain shirt, a striped shirt, or a checked shirt. Choose a primary colour from your shirt to choose your contrasting or complementary tie, and suit.

  1. Don’t let patterns make you dizzy

The general rule of thumb is that your smallest pattern should be on your shirt, the medium sized one on your tie, and the most bizarre on your pocket square. Once you are brave enough, you can start playing around with bold patterns suits.

  1. The finer details

The time for super shiny and smooth ties is not now, instead textured ties with a matter finish are what you wardrobe needs. And before we forget, don’t skip out on a slick tie-pin. It will keep your tie from fluttering around and making you look silly in all those selfies your significant other is taking.

(You don’t know how to knot your tie? Geez…There are apps to help you nowadays! Better get right to it.)

We think you are ready for phase 2 of our plan. And that is to navigate you through our quickie list of suit-shirt-tie combinations, you will want nothing more than to grease your credit card after you are done. Shall we begin?

  1. A weakness for crisp white shirts.

A plain white shirt, a textured charcoal grey/ herringbone suit, and a burgundy and light blue wide-striped tie.

A plain white shirt, a midnight blue suit, and a magenta and dark blue thin-striped tie.

The trick with a plain shirt is to give your tie as much personality as possible. These looks are perfect for a big day at work or meeting a potential client, especially if you’re working at a place which maintains a strict dress code.

  1. Can you play with blue and pink like a boss?

A sky blue shirt, a black suit, and a burnt orange knitted tie.

A light pink shirt, a light grey suit, and a grey-silver-black wide checked tie.

These two shirt option will provide you the most versatility and a canvas to show of your quirks. And don’t smirk at the word “knitted”, instead thank us when you look cool in one. These looks are great for a wedding reception.

  1. Stripe-me-in or check-me-out!

A blue and white thin striped shirt, a dark navy plain or wide check suit, and a grey-blue tie with white pin dots.

A cherry red and blue small check print shirt, a midnight blue suit, and a navy blue knitted tie.

If you’re looking to be a show stopper, these two looks are sure to get your there. And don’t forget to send us a picture of your dapper self when you try it out!

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