Blazers are such life-savers when you need to add a semi-formal or formal touch to your looks. You can dress them up or down, and matching your blazer with your trousers is no biggie if you follow the right rules. You can either go for the classiness of a matching pair of blazer and trousers, or style mismatched blazers and lowers with fashionable confidence. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can keep in mind the next time you are apprehensive about how to pair your blazers with trousers!


Keeping It Formal

Nothing gives out more ‘I mean business’ vibes than a classic suit. Wearing a blazer with a pair of formal trousers, a crisp shirt, waistcoat (or not) and oxfords, not just makes you look dapper but adds a touch of smart appeal to your persona. You can either go for matching suit jacket & trousers for a more classic look, or mix-n-match the blazer & pants colors for a trendier take. Pair a black blazer with grey formal trousers for a smart neutral color palette, a rich brown blazer with deep navy trousers for stylish elegance.

Smart Casual Vibes

For occasions which are not that formal but still require the efforts of a semi-formal dress code, formal trousers need to go out and in comes linen trousers or chinos. Pairing up blazers with a V-neck t-shirt or a casual shirt, and a smart casual pair of pants can be the answer to your fashion woes for such occasions. You can add more dimensions to the outfit by going for a textured blazer such as tweed or a corduroy one and team it up with corduroy trousers or flat-front ones. You can even add a printed bow tie if the party calls for it.


The Perfect Match

The matching blazer and trousers make all the difference at absolutely formal events or dressy occasions. You can go for a patterned pair such as a pinstriped or a checked blazer and trousers suit set, complete with a tie or a pocket square. Or you can opt for the same color palette, and play around with the textures such as a navy pair of formal woolen trousers paired with a navy corduroy blazer. Matching your blazers and trousers and picking the correct color complements with your accessories shows a strong sense of fashion and style.

Contrasting Separates

The safest combination, when opting for contrasting jacket & trouser, is the navy-beige pair. Donning a beige pair of pants and a navy blazer will never disappoint, but in case you want to experiment, add some color with your accessories such as a deep emerald pocket square or a light pink shirt. Also white trousers with olive green or pastel pink blazers are stylish options for a more relaxed or vacation date look. For a bolder look, you can go for a burgundy blazer with black trousers or a mustard blazer with navy trousers but in such cases, make sure to keep your accessories such as ties, belts, shoes neutral-hued.

Experiment, make your own pairs, keep the look well-balanced with the proper use of accessories in your ensemble and you will soon be the blaze(r)-ing star of your squad! Now, you can also get your hands on the coolest blazers and smartest trousers at flat 50% off at the on-going Lifestyle Sale!

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