Blacks, whites and greys. What more do you need to create absolute, dynamic drama? Lot of people feel black and white can get boring, especially in workwear… so, let’s show them how it’s done!

Get ready for the perfect monochrome Instagram takeover, ever!

1. The background clash

Work with the walls, or a giant sofa. Make sure that it contrasts with your monochrome outfit or pairs just right. For instance, pose in front of a dramatic red wall if you’re wearing black and white, or a king-size black sofa if you’re wearing grey. Click away with your chin high and the ‘boss attitude’ ready!


2. The one big thing

Highlight one element of your garment and shoot in a pose that centers that element. For instance, a large front bow or puffed sleeves. Keep your expression as bold as the statement, and you’re all set!CODE Striped Shirt with Sash Tie-Up

3. Green and sunny

Monochromes are stunning when clicked against greens or even when clicked against the light. Play with sunlight and shadows in a garden and you’re sure to have the perfect profile picture.

P.S. Add some fuss with a bubble gun to capture the sunlight.

4. The pattern drama

Monochrome patterns are just the best, don’t you thing? Black and white polka dots? Stripes, florals, checks? Create a work-desk background with your table setting the mood, and let your patterns do the talking. Add a geeky edge with glasses or a high bun.

ALLEN SOLLY Striped Full Sleeves Shirt

CODE FORMAL Checked Full Sleeves Shirt

5. All white or all black with a dash of color

When we say all white, we mean it. Let the color talk with no blemish or added spectacle. Wear all white or all black overalls to work and click your best as you blend out! It’s the classiest way to standout. Add a dash of color with an orange bag or a red phone and you’re good to go!

6. The illusion delusion

Blend in with a similar colored wall or a bright screen. Capture your silhouette against bright, blinding colors. Go wild with patterns on patterns and let the viewer stay on your picture for a while, let them adjust and let them wonder!

And to stage it even better, add the monochrome filter on top! Black and white indeed is marvelous.

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