Standing in front of an overflowing closet and finding nothing to wear is every girl’s perpetual problem. Organizing your wardrobe from time to time is required to keep your clothes & accessories sorted and ready to use. With shopping being an all-the-year-round phenomenon now, you need to make space in your closet for new stuff and discard the old. Follow this guide to organize your wardrobe and get rid of your nothing-to-wear woe forever!


Categorize your clothes

Arrange your clothes by category & style for easy use. Stack your bottoms on one shelf and t-shirts on another. Hang your shirts together further arranging then in order of colour or pattern. A specific arrangement makes it easier for you to spot the item of clothing you want before dressing. You can even segregate your clothes colourwise for an added aesthetic appeal, provided you can maintain the arrangement. Also, use proper hangers for particular clothing items so as to not damage the shape of the garment.

Utilize every bit of space

Adjustable shelves, stackable bins, boxes and shelf dividers are some of the useful home accessories available today that help you avoid wasting any space in your wardrobe. Slim hangers are preferable if your closet is small as bulkier hangers might take up unnecessary space. Use boxes to store away clothes that are not being used in the current season. Stackable bins with pull-out drawers are great options for storing folded clothes such as tees and tops. If you have any space where folded clothes won’t fit, then roll up softer garments such as tees and leggings to fit the space.


Store accessories & lingerie in drawers

Drawers are the best places to store accessories, hosiery & lingerie. Organize your jewellery and watches in boxes before putting them in drawers. Use smaller drawers to store socks, leg warmers or even gloves. Lingerie drawers are generally the ones at the bottom to ensure privacy for your intimate pieces of clothing. Stack your lingerie in neat piles so that they don’t get tangled up.

Hang bags to keep them in shape

Storing bags of various sizes is a perpetual worry for women. While smaller bags and clutches can be stored in boxes or baskets; bigger bags, handbags & totes tend to lose shape if kept slumped on shelves. The trick to keeping your bags organized is to hang them on hooks or on rods in your closet. You can even fix detachable rods in your wardrobe so that you can easily slide the bags in or out for use.


Line up your shoes

Shoes are best kept lined in boxes or on the bottom shelf of your closet. Have more pairs of shoes than you can count? Get yourself a shoe closet with slanted shelves to store your prized possessions neatly while making it easy for you to use your shoes. Since shoes bring in dirt and grime, it’s important to clean out your shoe closet once in a while to keep it clean and tidy.

The key to keeping your wardrobe organized is to get rid of clutter and old things at regular intervals. Donate your old stuff to charity, hand them down or resell them on one of the new pre-loved clothes selling portals; but stop hoarding them. De-cluttering your closet is the first step to organizing it, once that’s done you can follow the above steps and pave the way to a neat and well-organized closet!




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