How do you double up the denim without causing too much of a stir? There are a few simple rules to styling denim-on-denim oufits to create a fashion statement that never fails!

1. Choose from light and dark shades

If you’re wearing a denim shirt or jacket and denim jeans, don’t just go for different shades of blue. Try different colours and patterns – like black jeans and a blue shirt or jacket. Contrasting colours always go nicely but if you’re looking to wear shades of blue, try a very light shade with a darker one. A daring trend to try is monochrome denim!

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BOSSINI Men Dark Washed Skinny Jeans

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2. Stick to the same wash

If you’re going for a single shade of denim, stick to a single wash too! Too many different patterns can create a messy look so whether it is stonewashed, acid-washed, dark washed or any of the endless washes denim come in, choose your top and bottom in the same one.

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FORCA Men Stonewashed Denim Jacket

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3. Vary denim thickness

The weight of denim matters. Denim jackets and jeans tend to be much thicker and heavier than denim shirts or t-shirts. Pick one heavy piece of clothing to match its lighter counterpart. A good way to go is heavy jeans with a light shirt, especially if it’s the same shade.

BOSSINI Men Solid Slim Tapered Jeans

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LP JEANS Men Washed Slim Fit Denim Shirt

PEPE JEANS Men Dark Washed Denim Jacket

4. Mix it up with prints & embellishments

Patchwork, typography, logos, embroidery… add some embellishments to your denim look to make it stand out from your all-denim gear. It adds a visual focal point and breaks up the single texture, and adds a touch of personalization too.

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