With sale season taking over the world by storm, Lifestyle is making it all the more difficult for us to control our shopping urges. The big Lifestyle Sale is offering amazing products at even more amazing offers and we can’t stop smiling! There’s a Flat 50% off on men’s, women’s & kidswear in any of your nearest Lifestyle store as well as on the website. And if you make the effort of heading to the nearest store, you can get an additional delight by availing the offer of Buy 2 Get 2 Free on menswear this weekend, from 6th to 8th July! Now, isn’t that too good a chance to miss? Here are some fail-safe tips and tricks to make sure you get the best buys for yourself at the Lifestyle Sale!

Be an Early Bird

We realize how difficult it is to wake up early in the mornings or be early at a work meeting, specially given our busy life schedules. But, being early to the stores, specially during the sale season, is going to be totally worth the effort. Heading to the shops early during sale, or on the first day of such cool offers as a Buy 2 Get 2 Free will ensure that you get your hands on the best pieces at the most unbelievable prices!  What’s more, you will find things your size instead of the usual situation of your size being out of stock the fastest. So this weekend, go early and bring home the best of the pieces from your nearest Lifestyle store!

To-Buy List

Just like a to-do list comes in handy when you have a lot of tasks to complete on time, a to-buy list helps you just the same when you end up getting spoilt for choice by the wide variety of merchandise on mind-blowing offers. Just jot down a list of things that you want or need, or just add a new memo in your smartphone, and you are sorted. This way you will be fully organized before heading to the store. You can pick out the things you have on the list first, before you get distracted by the other trendy items on flat 50% off (that’s bound to happen anyways)!


We know trial room lines are really long during sales, but believe us, trying before buying is the best policy ever. This way, you can actually know whether what looks good in your hands also looks good on the body! So to avoid all those disappointments and the intense pain that comes if you don’t fit into something after going back home, we recommend you to try the pieces, so that you end up buying what you will be actually wearing in the near future.

Just Basics

Basics or wardrobe essentials – be it a black t-shirt or a pair of sneakers or blue denims or a white shirt – are the things that we swear by but are most lazy to buy. Even if you know that you need to restock these, nine out of ten times, you are easily distracted by a trendy dress or something stylish that wasn’t on your list at all. So, this sale season, make the most of the Flat 50% off offer and stock up on those basics. Pick up crisp white shirts for work, or basic neutral-hued tees for all those casual looks. Go for the perfect pair of blue denims that can become your go-to outfit in the future. And men can, of course, replenish your basics wardrobe with help from the amazing Buy 2 Get 2 Free offer this weekend!


They say there’s nothing on this planet that a smiling face can’t get done and we abide by that. If you want to know all the best offers and inside news, we advise you to be friendly with the staff at the stores and get your way in. They will give you all the heads-up on the best offers that are on or a surprise sale with unimaginable clearance discounts and that will be like a bonus for you. So, the next time, a staff member comes to you offering help, make sure to greet them with a smile and let your charm work its way, so that you land yourself some great pieces at unbelievable prices at this Lifestyle sale!

Follow these easy tips and tricks and make the most of this sale season. This will not only help you to shop in a more organized way but also help you get the best of the hauls you have ever had any year. So, hit the Lifestyle Sale to get a whopping Flat 50% Off on everything, as well as an amazing Buy 2 Get 2 Offer on menswear in-store! Get, set and shop till you drop!


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