The first few months of the year, we all try to stick to our one resolution of getting fit and arduously hit the gym as frequently as we can. But, slowly, the excuses get the better of us and we keep on making new ones each day till the membership runs out. But, now there are a lot of fun and addictive alternate workout options that you can indulge in to stay fit without having to hit the gym! So, this year, why not stick to your fitness goals by trying one of these cool activities, with Kappa active-wear clothing & accessories keeping you stylish while you are at it?


Zealous zumba

This dance fitness style has been around since the 90s, but has gained popularity only in recent years.  It basically involves dance and aerobic movements performed to fast, rhythmic music which makes it a fun way of burning those calories. You can enrol in a Zumba class in your city or just pull up a Zumba fitness video on YouTube and use it to practise Zumba at home! Just put on some tights and tees from Kappa’s new athleisure collection and you are all set to Zumba your way to your fitness goals!

Winsome water aerobics

This fun fitness style lets you workout in a pool! How cool (literally) is that? Learn to perform aerobic exercises in not-too-deep water bodies like a swimming pool and indulge in some resistance training as you convince your body to move freely in spite of being waist-deep in water. Move to the beat of energetic music and strive to get fit through the various forms of water aerobics; such as aqua Zumba, water yoga waterobics and aqua jog. Go for waterproof sportswear like swimsuits, swimming trunks, shorts & cropped tanks and dive in for a fun workout session in the pool!


Push your limits with parkour

A workout style inspired by and developed from military obstacle course training, Parkour is a fitness option that’s slowly picking up in the urban youth. Since this is a form of obstacle training, it is practised at outdoor locations, preferably difficult terrain with hurdles. If you enrol in this training form, be ready to indulge in various kinds of exercises like running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and anything else the terrain might call for. Parkour not only makes you physically fit, but hones your other skills like navigation, quick thinking, time management and such. Kappa’s new range of track suits, track pants, tanks, tees and shoes are perfect for making you look cool as you make this new workout style a part of your mornings!

Killer kickboxing

If combat sport is your cup of tea, then kickboxing is a fitness program that’s right up your alley. Kickboxing, that involves kicking and punching, is not only a great way of staying fit, but also helps in self-defence if ever you need it. This hybrid martial art form can be learnt in combat sports classes in your city and works as a great stress-buster after a long day at work. Kappa’s athleisure clothes like sports pants, track bottoms, jackets and tees can keep you comfortable as well as fashionable as your kick those calories away to glory!

So, forget the expired gym membership and enrol in any one of these uber-fun and enthusiastic ways of working out with a new resolve of reaching your fitness goals this year. Give your activewear wardrobe a makeover with the new cool collection of athleisure clothes & shoes from Kappa and get fit in style!





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