In today’s hectic & busy life, travelling is not only leisure, but also a stress-buster and a passion for most. We all want to take time off and travel the world, exploring new destinations & visiting new places. And there’s no better time to go out into the world and quench your wanderlust than a gap year between end of studies & start of work! Gap years are perfect opportunities that provide you with good enough reasons to go out, travel, explore and cross out names off our bucket list. But it’s not an easy task. There is a substantial amount of planning and plotting that goes behind a trip to make it easy going & fun. So, here are some tips that will help you to have a stylish and memorable travel during your gap year, no matter where you are heading to in the whole wide world!

Pack like a pro

One of the most crucial and important things to do before you set off, is to pack smart. The inconvenience of bulky baggage as well as excess baggage costs at the airport can be easily avoided if you do your packing with smart planning. More things can be carried by using expandable or convertible luggage, and your clothes take up less space when rolled up, rather than folded up, while packing. Choose clothes that are made from light fabrics which are wrinkle-resistant and can dry up quickly. You can take more of silk shirts and polyester dresses for a hassle-free trip as cottons get wrinkled easily and denims take a long time to dry. Also, bulky items like overcoats or leather jackets are best worn on the plane or on the road so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Remember to travel light so that you can go on from one destination to the next in an easy-breezy way!

Flaunt smart fashion

Clothes are an important part of the vacation as you need to look good in the travel pictures! Make sure to plan your outfits ahead of packing them so as to avoid complete confusion and repetition. Imagine the entire ensemble in your head and set that outfit onto your vacation backdrop be it a beach or the mountains. Looking good? The key to packing light as well as having a stylish holiday is taking versatile pieces of clothing. Sport a maxi dress with sandals & sunglasses while at a seaside town, and wear that same dress with a bomber jacket & boots in a cooler place! Go for basic colors as well as prints and patterns that can be mixed & matched and worn more than once in different ways to create different outfits!

Take advantage of accessories

Well taking basic colors and outfits doesn’t mean that you can’t make a style statement. Choose effortless accessories like belts, scarfs and jewellery to take your looks from drab to fab in a jiffy! Take pieces that don’t take up too much space, yet make a difference to the outfit when worn. The best way to carry shoes is to take neutral shades like black, brown, beige etc. that go well with most outfits. Also, go for styles that suit the destinations that you have in mind – sandals for the beach, boots for the heels or sneakers for the forests. Place the shoes toe-to-heel at the base of your bag along the edge and stuff them up with the pairs of socks or stockings to make optimum use of space.

Bring On the beauty essentials

Your beauty essentials and toiletries make you feel at home even in those hotel rooms and you feel absolutely lost if you miss out on any of them. A few of the most essential beauty must-haves in your travel kit are sunscreen, face mask, face cleanser, BB cream, makeup brushes, nail polish, nail remover wipes, mascara and a lip balm. Toiletries like a deodorant, razor, travel manicure kit, dry shampoo, mini fragrance bottles and of course, the ever important toothbrush, are also not to be missed out on. Make a list of things you must take along and tick off that list while packing, so that you are guaranteed a hassle free trip!

So, keep these pointers in mind and stay stylish throughout your year-long travels, without the chance of ugly outfits, unmatched shoes or lack of toiletries. Throw caution to the wind, travel without a care, flaunt fashionable outfits and make your gap year vacation the most successful and hassle-free trip you ever had!





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