New Year resolutions, as we know, are infamous for being broken within few days into the New Year. It’s the same story each year, specially the resolutions of heading to the gym or staying fit or eating healthy, because you return to our unhealthy lifestyle just as quickly you complete a plate of fries. But this year, why not try to actually stick to your fitness resolutions (for a change) and show the world that women can achieve anything they set their mind to? We know it’s easier said than done, and that’s why we are here with some tips and tricks that can definitely motivate you to keep working out in 2018!


Get a gym buddy

One of the most effective ways to keep heading to the gym without fail is having a friend or partner to accompany you there. You can even enrol yourself in Zumba classes with your bestie who will drag you there regularly, irrespective of your innovative excuses. This is perfect for lazy people, as you both can motivate each other when any one of you is feeling too tempted to break the resolution. Also, it makes the workouts a lot more fun as you take the gym sessions as a chance to enjoy each other’s company and gossip while burning those calories!


Track your progress

Keeping a check on how you have been doing is not only helpful for your knowledge, but also keeps you motivated to do even better. Use highlighters and coloured pens to mark the dates on your calendar when you stay on track with your fitness regime and you can’t believe the joy you will get to see a colour-filled calendar at the end of the month. Use a fitness band to keep track of how many steps you are taking in a day or how many calories you are burning, and soon the next milestone score becomes a challenge you can’t seem to say no to! Also, weigh yourself at the end of each week to keep a record of how much body fat you are losing and believe us, as the numbers one the weighing scale decrease, your motivation will increase!


Dress up and show up

Now, we all know shopping is the weakness of every woman out there! So why not use that to stick to your most vulnerable resolution? Get yourself some trendy gym clothes and see how excited you become to head to the gym. Some stylish athleisure clothes like muscle tees & tanks or gym shorts & joggers will give your energy a positive boost as you go for those workout sessions. With athleisure a trend that’s going strong for a few seasons now, you can take your pick from a wide variety of chic clothes that will leave you all motivated to head the gym. So, flaunt that graphic tee, a comfy pair of joggers or a sweatshirt, tights and trainers, and you are all set to follow your resolution till the end of the year!


Try new things every day

Heading to the gym every day is one thing and doing the same routine every day is another. Save yourself from the boredom and try doing something different each day. Keep switching between cardio days, leg days, arm days etc. and working out won’t feel a monotonous feat anymore. Also, you can try out different ways of staying fit – like Zumba, Samba, Yoga, Salsa, kick-boxing – along with your regular cardio and weights routine. This will not only keep the interest renewed but also be more effective on your body as you give it new challenges to meet.


Bring on the rewards

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to set micro-challenges like if you are 5 minutes away from the 10 minute mark, push yourself to achieve that anyhow. Set realistic, small goals to start with, and then head onto the larger ones. Also, set some rewards that you can give yourself at the end of each week if you achieve your goal of the week. Reward yourself with a cheat day or any small indulgence of your choice and see how you instantly become motivated to complete the goals. The rewards will reinforce habits and once working out becomes a habit, girl, you have no reason to look back.


We all know the difficulties, dilemmas and will power that you need to go through with your fitness resolutions. But, with these tips and tricks in mind, it will be much easier a task to make it to and through the workouts. So, here’s to a renewed and healthy lifestyle in 2018!


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