With every new season, we are usually on the lookout for the next trend that we can sink our fashion-hungry fingers into. But there are times when the most creative outfits come from a single article of clothing, within our very own closets. These are probably those times when you have shopped a little too much and have put yourself on a shopping-ban. (Wonder how long that’s going to last, teehee)

The most magical article of clothing is your closet,*drum roll*, are your Denim Jeans. If the title didn’t give that away already, that is.

Your denims get you through the year and most occasions, with fashionable ease. Can you imagine a world without them? They are like second skin. Given how we are so in love with denims, check out the looks we have put together with our 4 favourite denims.


  1. Black denims for the win.

Outfit Idea: Black denims with lace-up wedge boots in black or brown. Paired with a white shirt, fitted grey jumper, and a camel blazer. Carry along a brown tote or cross-body bag. Accessorise your wrist with a chunky gold bracelet, multiple thin gold bangles or a watch. Keep your first and second layer thin to avoid looking bulky!

Where you can wear this look: to work, a movie, and a lunch/dinner date.

  1. Dark blue denims as mysterious as the night sky.

Outfit Idea: Dark blue denims with dark tan brown booties. Paired with a blue and white gingham checked shirt, and a dark navy blue or white knit. Sleeves folded a little above the wrist if the weather allows it, such that the check print is visible. Accessorise with jewelled ear-studs in yellow or orange to add a pop of colour.

Where you can wear this look: to work, dinner date, and other formal occasions.

  1. Classic timeless light blue denims.

Outfit Idea: Light blue denims with white sneakers, or loafers and ballet flats if the weather allows it. Paired with a grey graphic print t-shirt, a blush pink cardigan or blazer, and a white neck scarf. Accessorise this look with a silver metal watch to stay in sync with the cool tones of the outfit.

Where you can wear this look: any casual occasion would do.

  1. Oxblood red to get the temperature soaring.

Outfit Idea: Oxblood red denims with lace-up boots, brogues or loafers in black. Paired with an asymmetric navy blue knit which is slightly longer at the back. To make your outfit pop go for an envelope bag with leopard print detailing. Accessorise with multiple gold midi rings.

Where you can wear this look: to work and to gatherings with friends and family.

The true test of the denim jeans however lies in how well they can be styled to get you through the seasons. We have all our money pinned on denims, and we know it won’t let us down come hail or snow.

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