Does your bra bite into your skin? Does it ride up every time you walk a little too fast? Are you too embarrassed to let anyone else take even a slight peek at your shabby innerwear? Do you have to hunt for hours every morning trying to find the most functional pair for your office? Do you never ever find the right lingerie to match your clothes?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions or all of them, then it is time to give your lingerie collection a much deserved makeover.

Whether sexy lingerie or everyday basics, a woman’s intimates say a lot about her. But I’m sure many of us – with reasonable excuses for it – are guilty of having gone for long periods of time with ill-fitted, disfigured and inappropriate lingerie. Today, we look at how you can upgrade your lingerie drawer like a pro and the essentials that you need for it.

A Matching Set

While we all have lingerie of various colours and styles that we mix and match, it always makes you feel special to own that one (or more) set of matching lingerie. Whether it’s a girly floral one, or a flirty lace one or a sexy satin one… you can pick one or all of these for your

Sexy Lingerie

Whether it’s to get your partner’s pulse racing or just for those solo modeling sessions in front of the mirror, owning sexy lingerie is a must. Bras, panties, corsets, negligees and bustiers in fancy styles and seductive material can instantly transform you into the femme fatale you always wanted to be.basic-lingerie

Stock Up on the basics

While you’re out shopping, it is very tempting to head for all the fancy lingerie that you see decorating the shop windows. However, getting your basics right is a must. Your cotton t-shirt bras and panties in black, white and nude are absolute essentials. Add to that a few sports bras, shapewear and a strapless bra and you are on the right path.bra-lingerie

A collection of bras

Why buy the same style of bra repeatedly when there are a host of styles out there? Demi, plunge, racerback, strapless, balconette, convertibles, backless, push-ups… in fun colour combos and prints spice up your boudoir like no other clothing can.panties-lingerie

A collection of panties

While you’re at it, don’t forget to reinvent your selection of panties as well. There are your comfort granny panties, timeless lace and silk ones, thongs, seamless panties, fun cotton ones in various colours and sleek black panties for functionality.

Lingerie are essentials that need to be chosen with care, as they not only make us feel good, but need to be of good quality as they are most intimate to our body. Upgrade your lingerie drawer and feel confident inside out!

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