Girls love wearing prints – pretty prints, cute prints, feminine prints, quirky prints, abstract prints, ornamental prints; a fashionable woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a liberal dose of printed clothes & accessories. You have always paired your prints with neutrals or solid hues in a safe sartorial attempt, but it’s time to break the monotony and try your hand at mixing & matching different prints together. Read on to know how to ace the print mixing game.


Start out safe


Start out with safe combinations

You can never go wrong with polkas, checks or stripes. So, if in doubt at first, then make sure you have one of these three classics in your outfit. A floral crop top actually looks pretty cool with a striped maxi skirt, or a polka dotted shirt makes a chic companion for abstract print shorts. You can even attempt mixing different sizes of a similar print for a fail-safe look. Flaunt a scarf with small checks with a shift dress that has a bigger checkered pattern for a subtle print mix effect. Start out with baby steps, because, throwing random prints together can result in not-so-chic results.



Don’t be scared of experimenting

If your safer print mixing attempts have gathered acclaim already, then you can take one step further and go for bolder choices. Keep one bold print in your outfit and complement it with a more subtle pattern. A quirky printed t-shirt can be worn with micro-checked pants, thus keeping the unique print of the tee as the focus of the outfit. You can also pair a vibrant printed dress with animal print pumps for a look that will turn heads. Make sure that the proportions of your prints don’t clash and the colours in the different prints complement each other; and you are sorted!


Mixing Pro (1)

Mix it like nobody’s watching

If people commend you for your print mixing skills already, then it’s time to go pro! You can have as many as three to four different prints in one outfit, provided that you wear them right. Take a funky printed crop top with a geometric print skirt, add to that leopard print shades and polka dotted sandals for a mismatched yet put-together look! Don’t put more than three hues and work on mixing prints that have different tones of those particular colours. The trick to putting together a crazy, yet chic mixed prints outfit is to add smaller doses of prints via the accessories.


Do try out the mix & match game and let us know how you scored on the print-mixing scale!

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