Is your daily jog or workout keeping your body and mind happy? Why keep your conscience behind? Destress and chill in recycled polyester and feel great about feeling good!

Yes, that’s right, we’re slipping into earth-friendly athleisure this season. Recycled polyester is made out of used and distilled PET bottles and uses approximately 30-40 % less energy and water. And, it stops us from depleting petroleum as a resource!


And the best part? Its stylish, comfy, dries off easy and lasts long! What better way to step into fitness than dressed in this goodness?

Wear a pair of calf-length tights or joggers with a tank top for a jog, or just throw on a pair of joggers with a slim fit tee for a casual movie night with friends! Or for the workout hustle, ankle length Kappa tights or Kappa shorts and a sports bra is all you need to reach your goals!


This material will keep you warm, help your ease of movement, and let your skin breath. Recycled Polyester’s a champion, switch to it now!

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