Shirts are an all-time favorite smart-casual or dressy option when it comes to kidswear. Be it a monotone or printed or patterned, shirts can be dressed both up and down depending on the need of the hour. With fashion being an indispensible part of every life, our little rockstars aren’t too far behind as designers and brands are incorporating current trends and styles in kidswear too, making young boys look as dapper and stylish as their parents. As Instagram’s vouching for the millions of stylish kids all over the world, moms everywhere are taking cues from the hottest trends – cool blue indigo shirts being one of them this season!

Brunching in Blue

Well, Indigo is one of the most loved shade of the blue color wheel and dressing up your kid in this color is definitely going to score you ‘fashionable mom’ points. So this upcoming family brunch, dress him up in an indigo half-sleeve polka dotted shirt and pair it with beige chinos and suede blue loafers. The indigo will definitely be a treat for the eyes and complemented with the neutral pants, it’s a total full pointer. You can even get a brunch look together for your little guy by pairing denim on denim – take an indigo denim shirt and pair it with the same shade of jeans or even white jeans for a cool summer look! If you want to dress it up further, just add a red or white tie to the shirt and your kid is going to earn ‘the dapper kid in the family’ medal for sure!

Party Ready

To be honest, nowadays kids have way more socially happening lives than their parents starting from the birthday parties every now and then to the obvious family events or weddings. To make your kid stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons, turn him party ready with indigo shirts and quirk it up. Don him in an indigo floral shirt and quirk it up with suspenders or a bow tie. If you are going for a plain indigo or denim shirt then choose a printed bow tie and with trousers or chinos, he’s going to look so peppy cute. You can even go for a printed indigo shirt and layer it with a black denim jacket or a burgundy corduroy blazer jacket and with black or beige pants and leather oxfords; your kid is going to be a mini version of a model right off the runway.

Holidaying in Style

With summer vacations on board, it’s quite obvious that a full family trip is on the cards and what better way to let your kids be their stylish self in picturesque holiday backgrounds. In case of a beach vacation, dress up your man in an indigo tropical printed shirt and tailored shorts and slippers. You can even go for a layered look by pairing a white V-neck t-shirt with an indigo shirt and chinos. In case of chillier destinations, go for an indigo shirt; layer it with a tan or dark brown leather jacket, jeans and boots for a smart and edgy dude look. Also, thanks to this ever versatile clothing item, styling the same indigo shirt in multiple ways is also going to help you travel light!

Slaying while Playing

And of course, how can we forget the most important event in a child’s life, the evening trips to the parks and playgrounds. Yes, an indigo shirt can be incorporated into the play outfits too and this is how! Just ditch the ever predictable t-shirts with your denim dungarees and overalls and switch the notch up with soft and comfy indigo shirts. Complete the look with white sneakers and your kid is all set to hit the grounds. You can even style it with ever comfy joggers and layer the button down over a vest and completed with trainers and a baseball hat, it’s downright sporty alright. An indigo shirt with 3/4th pants and floaters is also a smart, effortless and laidback playground outfit.

Though the versatility of this shirt goes a long way both for kids as well as adults, you can definitely make your munchkin own this color this season. Update your kid’s wardrobe with the quintessential true blue indigo shirt and let the compliments pour in!


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