Well, the summer is here and your mirror is impatient to see you experimenting with various styles this season. This is the season to have fun and embrace new cuts, fits & silhouettes.  One of the ‘it’ styles this summer is the culotte trend and it’s high time you tried it. Culottes are cropped flared trousers, their lengths ranging from knee level to a bit above the ankles, that are the shorter & chicer siblings of the trending palazzos. Culottes come in various types of fabric and style and their versatile quality can make them your summer style staple!


Monotone magic

A pair of culottes in solid colours is one of the most ‘safe to go for’ options. You can pair linen/cotton monotone culottes with shirts and printed blouses or even a solid colour matching co-ord set. Nearly ankle length linen culottes in shades like off-white, beige, grey are perfect to prep up your boring office look. They are not only high in style but also super comfy for a long day at work. Monocolour clothes are a great excuse to add bold shoes or bag to the frame. You can totally go for a white on white look with bold red pumps and a matching pout to complete your look for a lunch date too!


Fun with prints

If you are done being a pro at the solid colour game you can now start working towrads the *queen at prints* crown. Bold prints are a great way to sport your culottes, keeping your top and accessories restricted to classic neutrals. And if you are bold enough, you can mix & match different prints and patterns like a striped sleeveless button down shirt tucked into a checked or polka dotted midi length culotte. You can also go for printed matching set of crop top and culotte showing that bare hint of (well-toned) mid-section. Culottes are a perfect alternative to classic tailoring and can be sported during the day with colourful lace ups as well as at the night with statement stilettos.


Let’s get blingy

If you like sporting bling shoes, bags & dresses; then why should culottes be left out? Yes! It’s time you tried incorporating some sparkle through culottes too. Be it your bestie’s birthday party or a cousin’s sangeet, culottes are a total yes-yes for partywear. You can go for sequinned culottes or metallic ones. And if you are skeptical about too much bling, then you can go for embroidered culottes with a dash of shine here and a bit there. Dressy fabrics like raw silks, georgettes and chiffons are the ones to go for if you are in the mood to try out culottes at a party or a wedding or at any special occasion.

Out of the box

This season, you can even turn heads by sporting culottes in fabrics like leather and velvet. Even though they seem a tad bit difficult to style, with the correct tips from us you will be a pro at it. You can go for the leather culotte look with a loose silk blouse and metallic platforms for a Saturday night out or a t-shirt and sneakers for a cool, sporty look. Velvet culottes can be worn with the conservative white blouse and wedges and maybe a jacket to go over or a turtleneck to go under on rainy (read cooler) days.

Thus, you can see how culottes are an all-rounder in providing style with comfort. They have the look of a skirt with the comfort of pants and provide lots of volume and space for the legs with enough room for a good shoe to be showcased – a win-win piece of clothing that you must add to your wardrobe now, if you haven’t already!




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