You’ve probably heard this a couple of times by now, and are living by the rule of wearing good shoes, since it is one of the first three things people notice when they meet you for the first time. What are the other two things you ask? We will get to that one later. (Promise!)
While you might be on a quest to get the right shoe for every whim and fancy or to suit every possible occasion in your near future, how do you really choose? There is just so much out there!
So since we aren’t celebs and don’t have our own personal shoppers to pick out the right accessories for us. We did our own digging and found styles which are absolute essentials for an everyday mans’ closet.

1. The impress-the-boss shoes
Scooch over plain black shoes, what you really need is textured formal shoes. The design is neat and minimal with just the right amount of detailing. It definitely won’t stand out awkwardly with your office-wear and will instead give you a more sophisticated look. Time to donate your old black shoes?

Code Black Textured Formal Shoes
Code Black Textured Formal Shoes

2. The turn-on the charm shoes
Brogues are synonymous with all things classy and charismatic and will definitely get the ladies talking. While we love a good pair of leather brogues we have recently gotten obsessed with suede brogues. These little charmers serve a dual purpose of being worn for both semi-formal and casual social outings.

You could pair these grey suede babies with denims or chinos in any shade of blue and if you want to go for a more monochromatic look try steel grey washed denims.

Forca Sand Brown Camouflage Moccasins
Forca Sand Brown Camouflage Moccasins

3. The essential shoe
Causal shoes are real eye-openers when it comes to assessing a man’s personal style quirks. And if you’re someone who can pull off red sneakers then we want to meet you. Give us a date and time, will you?

However, if you’re the kind of guy who likes his casuals fuss-free and slick we have the perfect shoe-fix for you. A pair of brown lifestyle sneakers is just what you need on a Friday evening for a post-work unwinding with the boys. This particular shade of brown is rich and creamy and will complement all your denims, trust us.

Forca Coffee Brown Grooved Sneakers
Forca Coffee Brown Grooved Sneakers

4. The on-the-go shoe
Sneakers are the kind of shoe that we don’t think one can get enough of. The sheer comfort just does it for most of us. These deep blue and red shoes are just the right kind of sporty; to wear to the gym or for your Saturday morning run.

What the real kicker about these shoes though is that they can be paired with your denims and casual shorts as well. Their sleek design ensures that they don’t look chunky and instead make you look sportier than you probably are. Two bird’s one stone, right?

Kappa Navy Sports Shoes
Kappa Navy Sports Shoes

Your handshake and hairstyle and the other two things people notice. We have got your back when it comes to shoes, and the leave the rest up to you.

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