Kangana Ranaut has impressed the Indian population with her versatile acting skills, choice of bold and non-conventional roles . Little wonder that she is touted as the “Queen” of Bollywood. With meaty roles in her kitty and a head-turning fashion sense, she’s taken the next step forward with her association with the trendy ethnicwear brand, Melange by Lifestyle. Kangana stands for all that a Melange woman is – young, vibrant, ,bold, and eclectic. Here’s a tête-à-tête with the spunky lady who endorses Melange and makes it her own.


What inspired you to become the face of Melange?

KR: Melange is a brand that gives a contemporary twist to traditional Indian-wear and adds a chic vibe to ethnic looks, much like my free-spirited sense of fashion. The way the brand marries Indian aesthetics with fun, modern nuances makes me rethink ethnic & fall in love with it. Hence, the endorsement.

What is your personal style sensibility?

KR: I believe style is a way of expressing oneself and my style should tell the world who I am. I just need to be comfortable & confident in what I wear and that’s half the battle won!

What is the perfect ethnic attire according to you?

KR: The one thing constant in Fashion is Change. So there are no hard & fast rules that I play by. My sensibility is all about boho chic. Brands like Melange make me rethink ethnic and I love mixing & matching global designs influences with contemporary silhouettes  to get looks that give a fun twist to regular ethnic looks.

What do you think about the role of women in today’s society?

KR: The modern woman is smart, confident & independent. She has her own opinions & a strong sense of identity. Today’s women know how to express themselves and carry their attitude with unmatched style! Women are no longer allowing anything to define them, apart from their own self expression.


How is the evolution of Indian women reflected in their fashion?

KR: Today’s Indian women are way more fashion forward and confident in the way they dress. They’re experimenting, they’re moving forward with styles, they’re looking fresher, and edgier styles, but most of all, they’re reinventing styles with confidence.

What do you think of this collection from Melange?

KR: It’s such a refreshing, new age way of looking at ethnic wear. I love this collection! It’s vibrant, bold and the perfect expression of the new age woman’s style! It’s SO me!!

Your style tip to the Melange women of today?

KR: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone & experiment! Mix & match all you want and have fun while you are at it!  Rethink ethnic – go bold and embrace the trends in your own unique way. Don’t blend in with the crowd, add your personal flavour to fashion & stand out in style!



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