Nowadays, fitness isn’t just a term used by gym instructors and body-building enthusiasts only. The idea of fitness has evolved over the years and now it has become a part & parcel of every health-conscious individual’s life. Now, people can turn their passions into their preferred form of fitness – be it dancing, yoga or any kind of sports. Chaos Faktory is a freestyle action team which consists of talented youngsters skilled in the techniques of parkour, martial arts, freerunning, gymnastics and B-boying. The routines of Chaos Faktory make for the perfect amalgamation of passion, fitness & fun and hence, the team is growing bigger & better since its inception in 2007.

Here’s a tête-à-tête with Chaos Faktory that’ll inspire you to stay fit while having fun!

How was Chaos Faktory formed and what is it all about?

Chaos Faktory: Chaos Faktory is a free-style action team which was established back in 2007 and is based out of Bangalore, India. The team has various talents including trained Parkour athletes, Freerunners, Martial artists, Gymnasts, Free climbers and Bboys. We have always believed in pushing physical limits and mental barriers.  ‘Fight Fear, Feel Freedom™’ is our mantra! CF is the first team from India to get Affiliated to WFPF-World Freerunning Parkour Federation.

What made you guys take up parkour & free running as a passion?

Chaos Faktory: Parkour and Freerunning have movements adapted from various arts like martial arts, gymnastics and b-boying. All of us have been practicing different movement arts, and Parkour & Freeruning have united us and given us the grounds for practicing everything together. Our body is meant to move and this art gives it a direction. Parkour is all about exploring one’s physical potential and pushing the limits, about realising one’s true mental and physical potential, and about overcoming the obstacles and fear. We tend to apply this thought into our personal and professional life which keeps everyone motivated. This is our passion which motivates us and helps us live a healthy & balanced life.

What do you think of the #KappaFitnessMania challenge?

Chaos Faktory: It’s a great initiative to help people moving. It will surely motivate people in taking that very step towards fitness which is a life changer. And those who are already into fitness, they will surely take their passion for fitness to the next level. Health is the real wealth and this challenge will help achieve that. It will also help us connect with other fitness enthusiasts and help us build a network.  It’s exciting to see how our health & fitness is valued by a brand like Kappa.

What does fitness mean to you?

Chaos Faktory: Nowadays, people are so busy their hectic work schedule and lifestyle, that they completely ignore their health. Workout keeps us young and energetic and it keep us going. Being fit means being free, and also means reduced medical bills.  Health is vital in order to live a fulfilling, happy life, hence fitness is a synonym of freedom, happiness and youthfulness. Being fit helps you stay young, both in spirit and body and there is nothing like training long and hard to keep a youthful and happy disposition, whatever your age may be.

5 things from Kappa that you think can help you in your activity?

Chaos Faktory: Kappa Sweat pants, Kappa T-shirts, Kappa shoes, Fitbit, and of course, more challenges like these!





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