Nowadays, fitness isn’t just a term used by gym instructors and body-building enthusiasts only. The idea of fitness has evolved over the years and now it has become a part & parcel of every health-conscious individual’s life. Now, people can turn their passions into their preferred form of fitness – be it dancing, yoga or any kind of sports. Holystoked is a super-cool skateboarding collective, who has made the art of skateboarding their passion. Holystoked takes the exciting #KappaFitnessMania Challenge and stuns with their smooth stunts on the board, suave moves and vigorous dedication to their sport. The adrenaline-inducing action on the cool boards is what keeps them fit & fabulous and this group gave a whole new meaning to the fitness challenge. The group is now gearing up for the upcoming GoSkateboarding Day which will see hundreds of skateboarders from across the country come together to interact, compete & build a strong skateboarding community.

Here’s a tête-à-tête with Holystoked that’ll inspire you to stay fit while having fun!

How did you form Holystoked?

Holystoked: Holystoked is the brainchild of five skateboarders from Bangalore who realised the dearth of quality goods & infrastructure for skateboarders in the city and got together to provide a solution for it. The group was formed in 2011 and since then, Holystoked has revamped the skateboarding scenario in the city by building sating parks, importing quality skateboarding goods from other countries & inspiring many more enthusiasts to take up the activity.

Who can be a part of Holystoked?

Holystoked: We call ourselves a collective of skateboarders where all skateboarding enthusiasts are welcome, right from novices to professionals. In fact, our collective includes not only skateboarders, but also other artists who  take interest or get inspired by this sport – we have a good number of B-boyers, graffiti artists, photographers & filmmakers who are a part of Holystoked.

What do you think of the #KappaFitnessMania challenge?

Holystoked: Skateboarding in one of the rare activities where you play against yourself – you are your own competition when you are on the board. So this sport pushes you stay fit so that you can take on yourself once you get on the board. The #KappaFitnessMania challenge is much like a skateboarding stunt as it influences you to push your boundaries to keep yourself fit.

Your take on fitness?

Holystoked: We don’t believe in the conventional methods of fitness. Gyms and workouts mean restricted time, a certain way of dressing and a certain limitation to what you can or cannot do. Skateboarding, on the other hand, has no rules. It’s an activity that lets your express yourself without binding you in the shackles of time or dress code. The main aim of skateboarding is to let your spirits free and have fun, and as a bonus, you get fit along the way!

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