Holi, the festival of colours comes knocking on our doors every year in spring and brings with a time of joy, celebration and enjoyment with near and dear ones. Without colours, this world would have been a very boring place to live in indeed and this festival reminds us to incorporate as much colour we can in each other’s lives. Needless to say, as Holi meets fashion there’s a colour explosion and here’s to adding something extra to the-traditional-white-clothes-is-a-must-on-Holi theory. Learn more about the significance of colors and this year, choose to be as colourful as you can get for your favourite Spring festival!


Enjoy a blast of Blue

Blue is a colour which is known to have a calming effect on the psyche and symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, strength and trust. This Holi, go chic in true blue style by flaunting a navy or royal blue printed dress paired with a colourful vest or shrug. Denim shorts with a fun graphic tee are also a total yes-yes for Holi. Guys can go for chambray shorts and a classic white cotton shirt. Accessorize with reflector sunnies, comfortable footwear and you are all set to have a great celebration!


Say yes to Yellow

The bright and cheery hue of yellow has been known to signify hope, happiness, energy, honour, loyalty & joy. It’s one of the brightest colours of the colour palette and will help you to shine even brighter than the sun on this vibrant festival. Girls can choose a sunny yellow tunic paired with pink printed leggings and accessorize with a scarf & comfortable sandals for a vibrant and chic look on this day. Boys can go for a shade down and pair up a mustard polo t-shirt with navy tailored shorts and slippers. When your friends throw on some yellow dry colours on you, it’ll make for the perfect cheery Holi pictures!

men Fame Forever

Be ready in Red

Red, as known by most of you, is the colour of passion, love, romance, joy, courage & strength. A vibrant shade of scarlet can make your Holi pictures stand out amongst all the Facebook Holi updates! Wear a red floral or Aztec printed flared maxi dress with a belt at the waist and sandals on the feet with stacked up bangles on the arm to be the centre of attention at every Holi party. Guys can also sport this colour and look red hot in an ensemble of red t-shirt, beige chinos and loafers. So, get red-y for a fun Holi!

White has its own way

The colour white is like a clean canvas and ready for a masterpiece to happen. Wearing white is one of the most common and popular choices during Holi and even though the tradition is being carried down over the years, white will continue to be a timeless choice this day. It signifies purity, humility, brilliance, beginnings, safety and peace. Girls look best in a white kurta, any bright mono coloured leggings and a colourful dupatta which can also double up as a scarf to protect your hair. A pair of silver oxidized ‘jhumkas’ and colourful jootis completes the ‘ready to be splashed with colours’ outfit. Men can go for a desi white kurta with denims and dance to Bollywood numbers at the Holi parties!

So, make sure to update your wardrobe with lots of colours and let your outfits add to the riot of colours on this fun festival! Have a vibrant, happy and safe Holi!!!




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