Whether hairstyle or clothes, layers always win! That summery halter top hanging in the back of your closet? Yeah, that’s not where it belongs. Layering is the perfect way to flaunt it even on a winter night out. Sharpen your layering skills and set the streets on fire with this guide.



Play with colors and prints 

Don’t play it safe and be a tease, experiment with colors and prints for a quirky style. So put the color wheel to test!

How to nail it: Pair a light colored printed Top with a dark, longline Coat. Complete the look with these solid Culottes.



Stripes add flair

Do navy and white stripes give you cruise holiday vibes? Wear your heart (and mood) on your sleeve! Pro tip- use vertical stripes for a slimming effect.

How to nail it: Choose these urbane striped Culottes and team them with a Solid pastel Top and Coat.



Experiment with weights 

Heavy coats weighing your style down? Bring out the cardigans and denim jackets and get down to serious business. Keep the winters warm and the outfits light.

How to nail it: Team this denim Jacket with a solid cobalt blue Sweater and printed Scarf for an edgy look.



Pair different clothes 

Everyone can layer a top with a shrug but have you tried dresses? Pair a printed dress with a denim jacket or trench coat, and it’s sure to make you look like you just stepped off a runway.

How to nail it: Choose this floral print bodycon Dress and pair it with a blue ruffle trip Jacket to complete the look.


Now that you know these hacks, you also know that layers are an evergreen trend that will not go away anytime soon. So walk into your nearest Lifestyle store or shop online through the Lifestyle App or website to meet all your fashion needs.


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