The Problem: V-day is right around the corner and you need an extra something to turn up the heat.

The Reaction: Panic! And binge shop and still aren’t sure what’s missing in your look.

The Solution: You’re missing a saucy shade of lipstick, girl!

It’s not that your date needs a reason to pucker up but hey with the perfect shade of lipstick even you would be caught blowing kisses to yourself in the mirror. So we did a little digging and rounded off our top 5 most luscious lip shades, and they are yours for the choosing.

  1. L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

As the name suggests, this particular range from L’Oreal will not let you down. The shades are high definition, and will keep your lips moist thanks to the creamy base. Talk about luxurious, who doesn’t want high definition lips. And you know how you complain about flaking, right? Not with L’Oreal you won’t.

Our makeup pros suggest trying the Blazing Sangria or Tender Berry for a night out and Beyond Blushing for a lunch or coffee do.

  1. Absolute  Mattes  from Lakme

When it comes to matte lipcolor, everyone’s eyes sparkle a little, don’t you deny it. Lakme’s range of Absolute Matte lipsticks are bursting with romantic hues. With shades of peach, fuchsia, apricot, and orange. This collection boosts of wheat oil extract which is bound to give you a smooth swipe over the lips, and of course stay long enough till your touch-up.

Our makeup pros suggest trying the Sunset Orange or Peach Love for a day thing and Fuchsia Love for a night out.

  1. Superstay from Maybelline

If you’re someone who prefers darker shades to the lighter peachy-pinky ones, then this collection is made for you. The Superstay range promises a super long stay of a whopping 14 hours! Wow, now that’s what everyone needs. And not bad that it gives you a bold alluring look in the bargain. So many wins.

Our makeup pros suggest trying Non-Stop Red- 510, Enduring Ruby- 070, or

Timeless Crimson – 075 for a swish night out. Your lips will do all the communication for you. If you’re looking at a brunch then go for Continuous Cranberry- 060.

  1. Rouge Plump from Chambor

This range is all about giving your lips a lush hydrated look minus the fine lines which some lipsticks seem to bring out. The plumping effect of the lipstick ensures that your lips look full and sensuous. Yumm, right? The best thing however is that the lipsticks from this range are loaded with SPF15 making it your perfect day time side-kick.

Our makeup pros suggest trying the Coral Pink 601.

  1. Full Finish Longwear from ColorBar

What we like most about lipsticks from this brand, is that they come in a sleek silver casing making them look pretty bad-ass. This range from ColorBar is rich with pigments and doesn’t smear or smudge on application and later. If you likes sway towards earthy rich browns then this range is your best friend.

Our makeup pros suggest trying En Vogue for a day out, and Wicked Brown or Innocently Brown for a delicious night out.

Start practising your best kiss face ladies, and don’t forget to swish on a layer of lip-salve before you apply your chosen shade of lip colour! Happy safe kissing, you!

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