Camouflage trend AW 16

The camouflage trend is making a serious comeback as components of this old school Army uniform-inspired collection can be seen sported by men and women both on and off the runway. Contrary to the meaning of the term ‘camouflage’ which is to blend in, this trend is going to make you stand out in the crowd this season. The camo trend is a bit tricky to style but delivers just the right amount of punch to your otherwise regular and neutral outfits. It’s a bulletproof trend that adds visual interest to any type of ensemble and this applies to both men and women. So, here’s how you can flaunt this cool trend, irrespective of your gender.

Jet-setting jackets

Layering is a fun and quirky way of indulging in this trend and this trend can be highlighted by going for bomber jackets, semi-formal blazers, hoodies, sweatshirts, vests or waistcoats in this camouflage pattern. Men can opt for combo of a white basic V-neck t-shirt teamed up with a camouflage semi- fitting blazer, denims and brogues which is perfect for a casual lunch date. They can also go for a camo sweatshirt with black joggers and sport shoes for a morning run. Women can rock this look effortlessly by pairing up a casual tee with a sleeveless long camo vest, ripped denims & studded slip-ons for a casual-chic vibe.

The shirts & tees squad

The safest way to incorporate camouflage in your outfit is through camo print shirts or t-shirts, and these are some of the must-have essentials in your wardrobe. Girls, just tuck in a camouflage printed tee with a flared skirt and pumps to mix feminine with fighter. Guys can go for a well-fitted camo-pattern collared shirt, beige chinos and loafers for that laid back yet smart look on a movie date. You can also play around with colors when it comes to camo-print shirts or tees – try flaunting ones in shades of beige to those in hues of green and stand out in the fashionable crowd.

Battalion bottoms

Yes! This trend looks good on bottom-wear too. There are numerous options to go for, starting from baggy trousers to cuffed chinos to joggers to tailored shorts for men; and jeggings, shorts, capris and combat leggings for women. The dapper dude can go for a black hoodie over camouflage printed joggers and trainers for a sporty yet masculine look. Women can flaunt solid coloured tank tops, military pants and combat boots for that I-go-for-it-and-I-get-it look. They can also opt for a sports top and camouflage leggings for a hard-core workout session or just add a studded leather jacket on top of the same outfit for a don’t-mess-with-me look!

Army of accessories

Not sure of carrying off camouflage clothing? Well, you can always go for this army-inspired trend in the form of accessories to add a bit of funk to even the most mundane outfits. Give your wardrobe a trendy makeover by getting yourself camo backpacks, watches with either camouflage dial or the strap, sunglasses, waist pouches, belts, armbands, caps and socks in this print or pattern. You can also invest in footwear with hints of camo in it that include military printed trainers, combat boots, lace-ups, loafers, sneakers and a lot more. Pair up a white t-shirt with denims, vest, military boots and you are all good to go. Just add on a camo accessory to monochrome or neutral-hued outfits for a trendy take on the style statement!

Thus, we see that this trend, having a classic green and brown palette, is versatile enough to be donned on numerous occasions. This unisexual trend is an interesting choice to experiment with on your day to day looks without being OTT. So, update your wardrobe with cool camouflage and bring out the inner fighter in you in all its fashionable glory!





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