sunkissed trend SS 2017

We are sure Summer is welcomed with open arms, sunscreen lotions and cool sunglasses and the love for this bright season is shared by most of you out there! This season is all about having fun and enjoying under the sun. It’s a perfect time to try out new trends and effortless styles set in the backdrop of long sunny days and numerous refills of ice cream & lemonade. The main essence of this season’s style is to look naturally glowing and sun-kissed, going for clothes that keep you comfortable and make-up that looks subtle & fresh. And you can flaunt your summer-ready looks at some of these great outdoor places that are ideal for spending a sunny, summer day with friends & family!

A perfect day at the park

Parks! What does that word bring to your mind? Maybe trees, flowers, benches, swings, slides, gravel pathways and lush greenery! There’s nothing more peaceful than spending a nice summer day in the park with your pals or just for some me-time. Lying down on the green grass and looking up at the bright sunny sky (of course through your stylish shades) help you enjoy nature at its best. Sitting on the swings, taking a ride down the slide or taking part in a Frisbee match takes you right down the memory lanes and add to the nostalgia of summer. Girls can enjoy the day in a pair of cotton shorts and a bright coloured tank top completed with a pair of comfy flip flops, while guys can go for a short sleeved Henley t-shirt, a pair of sorbet-hued linen shorts and dapper boat shoes for a fun day under the sun!

Lose yourself by the lake

Lakes (read calm, beautiful bodies of water) are yet another member of every summer bucket list. You can spend a day at the local lake & indulge in numerous activities like boating, canoeing, fishing (if that’s allowed), water sports, feeding the ducks or simply sitting by the shore for some inner contemplation time. You can also occupy a bench overlooking the waters and enjoy reading a book or even writing your journal. Summer outfits like an off shoulder top and denim shorts with tie up sandals bring out the boho vibes in every girl and are perfect for a fun boat-ride. Guys can sport their ever favourite polo t-shirts in sun-kissed colours like coral, yellow or lime and pair it with their most comfortable joggers and slip-on shoes for a great day by the water.

Summer retreat to a resort

Resorts are the best getaways from a busy hectic life and what better time to enjoy a relaxing weekend at one than over the summers. You can take a relaxing swim in the pool, treat yourself to sumptuous food, leave your stress behind at the spa and enjoy time with your loved ones. Resorts are always the perfect places to don your best outfits and fill your social media with fun pictures. Girls can totally go for easy breezy floral maxis or pretty wrap dresses in juicy-colored tropical prints. Guys on the other hand can go for tailored shorts with linen checked shirts or maybe tropical printed shirts and Bermuda pants. Comfortable shoes like platforms for the girls and flip flops for the guys are a complete win-win for a sun-kissed resort retreat!

Action at the amusement park

Did you think amusement parks are for kids only? Think again! Amusement parks are places where age is just a number and you’ll find that out if you head over to one this season. Summer times are great for people to bond with their families and friends at the popular amusement park in town. Running from ride to ride, chatting, laughing at jokes, shouting on the rollercoaster, feasting over candy floss and burgers are some of the highlights of a day at the amusement park. Women can go effortlessly chic with a pair of casual printed shorts, crop tops layered with long sleeveless vests and canvas sneakers, while men can sport a smart casual look by going for cuffed chinos, striped or miniscule polka dotted polo t-shirts and loafers for an exciting day at the amusement park!

This is absolutely the perfect time for you to go past your regular clothing choices and try on some new summer outfits. Update your summer wardrobe with sun-kissed colors and breathable clothing, and you are all set to have a fabulous & memorable summer ahead!


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