The Maxi Dress is the longer flowy cousin of the jeans. It’s comfortable, versatile, goes from day to night without breaking much sweat, and is the best holiday companion because you can layer off or layer on as the weather requires. Also, it has holiday-cool ingrained in its DNA. But, ladies, there can never be too much cool, so here’s how to make the already cool maxi cooler.

Keep it Casual.

The white trainers are the epitome of casual mod. Pair your maxi dress with a crop top and white trainers, and go about your day looking effortlessly stylish.

Bossini Teal Green Maxi Dress – Rs 1299
UCLA Printed Crop Top – Rs 499

Do the Denim.

The words denim and cool are near synonymous. Pair denim’s with the maxi dress and you’ve cracked the code to ultra-cool. Tip: Throw in a belt for extra points, and pick a jacket that ends at the waist to appear slimmer.

Anushka for Code Hot Pink Maxi Dress – Rs 1999
Code Brown Stitch Detailed Sling Bag – Rs 1899

Leather on.

You want it edgy, then leather is your poison. Give your maxi dress a leather update, and for added bad-assery throw on a pair of black ankle boots.

Anushka for Code Hot Pink Maxi Dress – Rs 1999

All Dressed Up.

Dress up the maxi dress by accessorizing it with pure golden goodness. A statement chain, a cuff bracelet and a pair of golden heels, and, if the weather requires it, a printed dinner jacket, will get you to maxi-mum cool, we promise.

Anushka for Code Hot Pink Maxi Dress – Rs 1999

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