The first semester of college is exciting and a little daunting at the same time. The adventure of settling into a new place, finding your own little gang of people to hang out with, revamping your wardrobe, and of course figuring out what your chosen course is all about.

That’s a lot of pressure if you ask us! We all know a little bit of how first impressions are tough to crack which is why we have put together a few makeup tricks for your many firsts in college.

1.The Ice-Breaking session
Your first week in college is usually packed with campus tours, endless orientation sessions, and getting to know the who’s-who. For a week like this you want to keep your look fuss-free. Add a stroke of eyeliner, a dash of kohl on your lower lid if you prefer, and a few curls of mascara to make your eyes-pop. As for your lips go for a blush pink or sunny orange shade, and you won’t go wrong.

2.First Big College Party
We are pretty sure that your first college party experience is something you’ve been looking forward to way more than you would like to admit. You just have to find the right balance and not overdo the make-up. Dab your eyes with some shimmer, line your upper-eyelid with a thin line of liquid liner, and skip the kohl. For your lips go for a bold matte shade lipstick to make heads turn and don’t miss out on a little bronzer to make sure you don’t look washed out in the pictures.

3. Everyday Non-stop Classes
There is barely enough time in the morning to spend hours getting ready before a packed day of classes plus you want to keep your make-up chic to get you through the day. Go for a line of kohl, a very light eyeshadow, and a light lip shade. For your hair, fasten it into a messy bun, or pull it back with a fun headband.

4.First date
The excitement of a first date is unparalleled and you want to put your freshest face forward. It’s time to master the minimal look, which requires just the right kind of makeup to make you glow without trying too hard. A stroke of liquid liner, a few curls of mascara, pink lipstick, and a little pink blush are bound to make you light up the room.

5.Class presentation
While these are all about your preparation and how well you put your ideas across, good grooming goes a long way to keep people’s attention and take notice of what you’re saying. Go for bold lips, a few curls of mascara to make your eyes look bright and a thin line of eyeliner. We like to call this look: The Class President Look.

Don’t forget to tag us in your college party selfies!

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