A fashionable outfit is incomplete without the right kind of make-up, while flawless make-up can’t make you look good by itself if your fashion game isn’t strong! The perfect evening look comprises of a classy yet chic outfit accompanied by well-done make-up that can take you places. That is precisely why Lakme has collaborated with fashion brand Code by Lifestyle to bring to you the ideal way to amalgamate clothes & make-up in your life. Here are a few ways of making sure your make-up goes hand-in-hand with your evening looks this season.

Lakme Absoluet Argan Oil lipstick in Drenched Red

Paint the town red

Designer Bill Blass had rightly said, “When in doubt, wear red.” A touch of red never fails to uplift your stylish outfits, specially when you are getting ready to step out after dusk. A vibrant and bold shade of scarlet like Drenched Red from the new Lakme Absolute Argan Oil range of lipsticks makes for a perfect accompaniment to your glamorous LBDs or embellished party dresses! Pair your red pout with a dramatic cat-eye and statement jewellery to impress your date for the night!


Lakme Absoluet Argan Oil lipstick in Peaches & Cream

Rosy rush

A family dinner or a night out in town with friends calls for the ideal outfit and make-up combination. Go graphic in a striped top paired with a classy pencil skirt can be paired with an elegant wingtip liner, rosy cheeks and pink-hued lips. The pastel-pink, summery Silky Blush from the new Lakme Absolute Argan Oil range of lip colors is an indispensible addition to your summer make-up essentials as it can perfectly complement your refined, yet stylish outfits for the night. So, get, set and impress with chic clothes and an enviable soft, pink glow!

Peach perfect

A feminine, elegant look works wonders for formal occasions like office parties or dinner events. Spruce up your classy evening dress with well-defined eyes, a subtle hint of color on the cheeks and a peachy lip color, like the Peaches & Cream from the new Lakme Absolute Argan Oil range. Bright shades of peaches and corals are must-haves in your make-up kit and they are the perfect partners for light shimmery eyes and a contoured face. Ace this look and turn heads with the perfect combination of a romantic vintage-inspired outfit & flawless make-up!

Head over to your nearest Lifestyle store to learn more about wearing the right make-up with your fashionable outfits and choosing the right clothes for your favourite make-up look! Indulge in the luscious rich colors of the Lakme Absolute Argan Oil range which can beautifully complement the chic dresses from Code by Lifestyle – and you get your outfit-and-make-up matches that are made in fashion heaven!




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Sonali Saxena

definitely PAINT D TOWN RED