We all know that in this modern era of ours, work attires have undergone fashionable changes and nailing the office dress code isn’t that much of a laborious task anymore. But even though there have been new elements incorporated, a crisp and clean-cut suit will always remain a stylish and suave choice for all the big days at work. Be it an important meeting or a conference or a finalizing-the-deal day, suits will never go out of fashion; so let’s see how you can slay the suit look at your workplace this season.

Suit Fest-men-work wear

Presentation Pointers

Undeniably an important presentation is THE most crucial way of earning brownie points with the boss, and a dapper suit can help you achieve that goal! Choose a bright colored shirt and balance it out with a smart, neutral-hued suit. Add an interesting touch of pattern into the look by going for a pinstripe tie but see to it that it doesn’t clash with the shirt. Make sure your suit is well-tailored and a good fit, in order to make the necessary impressions. For accessories, go with a sleek watch and a pair of classic oxfords and you’ll definitely score full points for both your work and your style!

Mundane Meetings

We all know how monotonous and tiring meetings, specially Monday morning ones, can be. To make these a bit less boring and a whole lot better for yourself and your colleagues, it’s a must that you dress up well. A trendy suit is just what you need to make those dull meetings a bit more interesting! Go for a single breasted pinstriped or checked suit with a solid colored shirt and a matching tie to add some style to those work-laden mornings. Go for a pastel-hued shirt, a classic leather laptop bag and let your suit do all the talking at your next Monday meeting with the board!

Suit Fest-men-work wear

Corporate Events

Corporate life doesn’t just involve sitting at your work desk all day or running to the boss’ cabin on urgent summons. Every once in a while, you may be required to attend an award evening or a promotion event and those are the times when you have to put in a tad bit more effort to look suave. These events call for a silk blend suit which can be paired with a striped or small polka dotted shirt underneath, with a trendy pocket square for that extra flair. Complement your outfit with a timeless pair of brogues and classy cuff links, and you are all set to be the star of the evening!

Conference Calling

Board meetings with the top guns or out-of-town conferences are a part and parcel of any high-flying corporate job. And these occasions demand you to make a style statement in your best suits! Every time you put on a great suit, it’s sure to make you feel empowering and can really show people that you mean nothing but business. So go for a smart and well-fitted suit in a neutral shade of beige, navy or dark grey and coupled with a linen shirt and a patterned tie, you are all ready to make the conference a success. Want to get further into the serious on-work mode? Carry a cool leather laptop bag and slip on a pair of dapper Derbies on the feet, and there’ll be no stopping you from climbing up the ladder of success!

These are the various stylish yet super-smart formal looks when you are in the mood to go for suits. Get these on and with the right balance of suave style and efficient work skills, we are sure you will be turning heads wherever you go!



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