As we say goodbye to the summer, we get the chance to embrace a new season and the new style that comes with it. Along with steaming cups of coffee and spicy snacks comes dressing up in pretty colours and coordinating your umbrella and other monsoon accessories. The best way to dress for this season is also by keeping things functional, so here are 7 monsoon styling tips every stylish woman should follow to beat the dull days…

1. Wear cotton

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Although polyesters are hydrophobic and may keep you drier than cotton, natural fabrics come with their own benefits. Cotton, for example, has a low-absorbent quality that will help brave the heavy rains easier. The lightweight fabric also dries quickly. The most important reason you should wear cotton in the monsoon is the humidity. With the rains come sweating, and cotton will keep you cool. The hollow gaps in the threads allow air to flow freely which causes less perspiration, making the fabric very breathable and perfect for the monsoon.

2. Avoid full-length pants

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Wading through the muddy streets is the easiest way to get your clothes dirty. The last thing you want when you’re dressed to the nines is your pant bottoms wet with mud and dirt. While you can’t do much about the rainy weather, you can alter your wardrobe to suit the season. So this fashion tip for monsoon is opting for more skirts, culottes, palazzos or cropped styles and save your full-length pants for the colder winters.

3. Layer lightly

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The rains and humidity also bring with them a few chilly days, especially in the early mornings and late evenings, so carrying a layer with you will not only save you from the cold but is also a great way to add some style to your outfit. A shrug, cardigan or light sweater can be thrown over most looks. You can also try a hooded jacket for your more casual attire.

4. Choose rubber footwear

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The best monsoon fashion dos and don’ts you can keep in mind is getting yourself some monsoon-proof footwear. Perhaps the worst part about the monsoon season is getting your feet wet in the rain. And some footwear materials don’t do too well when they get wet. Not only do they take a long time to dry, but they also make your feet feel so icky. You can avoid this by wearing rubber footwear such as gum boots or a pair of Crocs. They won’t let water in as easily, and even if a bit seeps in, you can dry them just as easily!

5. Style your monsoon accessories

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Yes, carrying an umbrella or wearing a raincoat may not necessarily go with your personal style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to create a unique style statement. Instead of going with the boring, drab colours, add a quirky touch of your own to these accessories or even better, keep several handy so you can pair them to match your outfit.

6. Less makeup, the better

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This is a big one in our monsoon styling tips! With humidity at its peak, skin infections, breakouts and skin problems are very common in monsoon. And wearing heavy makeup may make matters worse. Makeup tends to clog the pores and not allow your skin to breathe naturally, which is why wearing less makeup (or going au naturale) is better during this season. But if you can’t say no to makeup completely and runny makeup is your issue, you could always opt for natural formulas that are water- and smudge-proof.

7. Pick totes

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Your monsoon fashion guide would be incomplete without a mention of handbags! Since you have to carry a few extra accessories like an umbrella, raincoat, anti-bacterial wipes and more, picking bigger bag styles such as tote bags will ensure you have everything you need in one place while also making a striking style statement.

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Layer in style this monsoon season

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This is the perfect piece if you are out of monsoon outfits and need to upgrade your wardrobe. The tip that suggests layering lightly has helped me look good and also feel comfortable while sporting dapper outfits in the rain.

Deeksha Narendra Kumar

I really hate the monsoons and am always in need of monsoon styling tips to save my personal style. This is a very good compilation of tips that are actually quite effective. The one about picking tote bags is really going to help me in the coming weeks.

Tushar Bhatia

This is the perfect piece if you are out of monsoon outfits and need to upgrade your wardrobe. The tip that suggests layering lightly has helped me look good and also feel comfortable while sporting dapper outfits in the rain.