November is here! And it’s not only the month of pumpkin spice, Thanksgiving, a nip in the air or our favorite jackets (that finally come out of the closet) – but it’s also the month of Movember! A global movement for which men have to grow moustaches throughout the month of November, this challenge aims at raising awareness about men’s health issues like prostate cancer and even mental health problems. Now that November is here, it’s time to join the movement and show some support to this noble cause. So, put down your razors – here are a few trending moustache styles you can rock this month!

The Handlebar

This thick, luxurious style of moustache with curved ends is not easy to master. But once you’ve grown one, it’ll surely get you more compliments that you can imagine! A handlebar moustache looks nice on an oval or round face, and should be maintained well if you don’t want to end up looking unkempt or ill-groomed. This ‘mo’ looks best when styled with a plaid shirt & denims for a casual look. This facial hair style may take some time to reach its full glory, but it’s definitely one moustache to flaunt with confidence & pride!

The Artist

A style that was made popular by French painters, this wispy moustache doesn’t need too much time or care. You can grow one easily and keep it trimmed and in shape for the rest of the month. This moustache suits most face shapes and is a good one if you are trying out growing your facial hair for the first time. This style best suits a laidback ‘artistic’ demeanour, so roll up those shirt sleeves and sport your most relaxed pair of denims with printed slip-ons for a trendy look.

The Trucker

Made famous by wrestler-turned-actor Hulk Hogan, this moustache is as bold as it is stylish. Not one for the faint-hearted, this dense ‘mo’ that turn downwards and ends at the chin will take a bit of time to grow well. But once grown, make sure you keep it well-groomed and in shape, in order to make the necessary impact. This badass moustache looks cool with casual shirts paired with denims or chinos for a dapper look that’ll get you noticed wherever you go!

The Rockstar

This ‘stache rose into popularity when a string of musicians flaunted it – from Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles. This wild style can be grown thick or thin, with the outer edges going on towards the cheeks. This moustache doesn’t need too much maintenance as its charm lies in an unkempt, bohemian look. If you are someone who likes sporting laidback styles like linen shirts with shorts or printed tees with joggers, then this style of facial hair is ideal for you. So, grow this ‘mo’ this November and give yourself some cool rockstar vibes!

The Pencil

A thin moustache that sits prim on your upper lip, this style is easy to grow but needs proper maintenance to retain the shape. This ‘stache looks best on squarish or oval faces, but should be avoided by someone whose face is too round or has large features. This elegant and minimal style can make you look your most suave when paired with well-tailored, crisp suits & formal shirts for work. If you are not fond of too much facial hair, then this moustache is right up your alley!

So, this November, give up your razor and grow some ‘mo’ to attract attention and raise awareness about various men’s health issues. And if you are keen to join the actual cause (which is much more noble than just a fashion phase), then collect the money that you would have spent on razors and other shaving paraphernalia for a month, and donate the saved amount to the Movember Foundation!


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