What is your go-to trend this season?

Stripes and fringes all the way!

Three style secrets you absolutely swear by?
– layering my outfit with a third piece like a cape, vest coat or jacket
– anything high waisted pumps up the style factor in a jiffy so high waited palazzo, pants or skirts with a crop top.
-Reinvention! How about wearing a saree with a biker jacket. Reinvent your boring old outfit by mixing two unconventional pieces for a distinctive style.

One fashion hack that we have to try?
How often have you stained your fav clothes with a lipstick stain? Your hair spray is at rescue. Simply damp the area, spray some hair spray and rub with a clean cloth! And witness magic 🙂

Your style inspiration?
Google! Hehe.. No kidding.. Google connects me to the world of international runway, street style and cultures.

Your body type and what do you think suits you?

I have a petite frame and my body type is hour glass in the making. So anything high waisted helps me accentuate the waistline and make my legs appear longer. In terms of tops, my current fave are ruffle tops in boat neck or off shoulder that make my shoulders appear broad on that petite frame.

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