Lifestyle sale flat 50 off AW18

The exciting Lifestyle Sale is underway and there are offers up for grabs that are too good to miss! As the year starts on a happy note, all you shopaholic souls out there can make a list of the must-have essentials that you can get your hands on, at just half the price! So, buckle up, take notes and go, shop till you drop at the Flat 50% Off sale at Lifestyle!

Make the most of make-up & skincare

A girl can never have enough make-up, and all that make-up means you’ve got to step up the skincare game too, right? Get yourself some new red lipsticks, pick up that new eye-shadow palette you’ve been eyeing or restock your favorite foundation – because Lifestyle is offering some of the best beauty brands at Flat 50% Off! And if you have been lazing on the skincare regime, then this is the time to make sure that you don’t miss on picking up the right night cream or the stock up on the ever-essential sunscreen.

For the love of fragrances

Who doesn’t like to smell great at all times? And when you can get the season’s nicest perfumes at great deals, you need to take full advantage of the situation! Add some musky, woody winter fragrances to your collection or pick up a few floral or fruity summer perfumes for the coming season! Make the best of the Flat 50% Off offer at Lifestyle and make those wishlisted perfumes a reality. You can even pick some up for gifting throughout the year, as a great fragrance makes for a great gift for your loved ones!

Watch out for the best offers

A stylish timepiece is an item you often need to save up for. But when you can get trendy watches at amazing offers, then what are you waiting for? The big fat Lifestyle Sale is offering cool watches at Flat 50% Off and this is the best time to add to your ever-growing watch collection! Pick up the season’s hottest colored-dial style, or go for a classic chronograph that you’ve been lusting after. Indulge in an embellished watch for those parties & occasions, or just feed your addiction for smart watches. It’s time for some arm-candy-shopping!

With Flat 50% Off on most categories across the store, the Lifestyle Sale is calling out to you high & loud! Get you shop-till-you-drop mode on and stock up on make-up & accessories at these unbelievable prices. It’s a great way to start off the new year!


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