Getting dressed is a step in the process of making an impression. But you not only make an impact by the way you look, you also make one by the way you smell. Hence, wearing a good fragrance is as necessary as wearing stylish clothes or accessories. Your choice of perfume talks oodles about your character & personality, while leaving a lasting impression on people around you. So, here’s a lowdown on the fragrances that need to be a part of your closet if you want to smell swell!aw_14_frag_B_CK_Red


Masculine aromas for the dapper dude

Men like to stick to classic fragrances – strong notes, musky tinges and masculine vibes to spruce up their suave style. Armani is one of the pioneers of classic men’s perfumes that are blends of the freshness of citrusy aromas with the tang of spices, sandalwood & patchouli in the base note. A CK is a must-have for men who give off grungy, bad-boy vibes with its spicy undertone & musky notes. The iconic Davidoff Cool Water is apt for the days you want to smell aquatic fresh. Fendi perfumes give you strong scents with woody accents, perfect for dinner dates or winter evening soirees. Choose the fragrance that suit your personality, the occasion & the season and the magnetic aroma will appeal to all those around you.


Scintillating fragrances for the head-turning diva

A stylish woman knows the worth of a bewitching perfume that precedes you as you make a glorious entry anywhere and whose aromatic residue lingers long after you have made an exit. Roberto Cavalli fragrances are wardrobe essentials as they have a powerful, exotic essence from the blends of sweet fruits, fragrant flowers & sandalwood. CK One is great for day wear with its sweet mix of fruity-floral aromas coming from a citrusy top note and a patchouli-musk base – a refreshing and tantilizing smell that can make quite an impression! A more androgynous choice, for the brave-hearted, would be the Fendi Leather Essence that boasts of orange & resin top notes, rose & leather middle notes and vanilla & musk base notes, resulting in a perfume that’s woody and subtle.

Have fun by wearing your perfume depending upon your mood – fresh & flirty for a date, musky or woody for a formal do, strong & spicy for a party – your smell can change who you want to be!

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