This season slay with style on your claws! Trending 2020 is: anything goes. But whoa! Our beauty geeks have a spot of advice. Check it out.

Get that manicure – even a home mani is fine but spruce up those hands. Next up, what’s your shape? Do not look at your nails in isolation. Check your hands – the size, shape and skin tone – and figure what would create an arresting picture. Tapering fingers? Shorter, more square nail shapes are good to try. For smaller fingers, opt for slightly pointed shapes. In fact, when in doubt, go with oval and not too long.

Here’s a tip: Do not ever wear the same nail trend or colour with anything and everything you wear. So pick from the trends below, match to dress and do.

Red is never out. Tick. But here’s the thing. Choose your red. If your skin tone is inclined to dusky, choose a red like those red-black roses. For lighter skin tones, a paler red goes better. Try on the many, many, reds till you arrive at your red.

Dark is in. But then black may not be your colour. A deep brownish plum is generally good for Indian skin tones. If going all out – catch a dark colour echo from your outfit and go ahead boldly.

Get tactile. Touch and texture play are intriguing nail-art. Get playful or glam with beads of choice. From tiny multihued glass beads to a smattering of glitter… Enjoy!

Mix it up. Great for a fun, girly night with your besties or if you’re ready to experiment with different shades. Match your printed outfits with different colours on each nail, a delightful print or etching.

Metallic and matte. Yes both are trending. Matte is safe and metallic is daring. Go with your mood and your dress. Match the metallic with a hint of metal on your bag, jewellery or shoes.

Nude. Always clicks but choose your nude as you would your concealer – a shade lighter (not any more) than your skin tone. Top with a neat line of white at the top or across the nail – French manicure redefined, and a guaranteed conversation starter!

Go on, nail it perfect.

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