When you are resolving to do all kinds of new things in the new year, why not try your hand at some new hobbies too? Gone are the days when hobbies meant typical activities such as embroidery, stamp collecting, photography, reading and such. Now you can drive away boredom and pass your free time by doing exciting things that can help you make new friends or even discover your hidden talents! Try out some of these interesting activities and you will be surprised to see that you are enjoying your new hobbies!




Flaunt your green thumb

Ever thought of nurturing nature? Give the art of Gardening a try and you’ll find solace in spending time with your new leafy friends. Don’t have a garden or terrace? You can even make terrariums to add a bit of green to your indoors! Start with small, easy-to-care-for plants and once your thumb turns green enough, you can move on to seasonal plants and even grow your own vegetables & herbs!

Make a club with friends

Round up a group of friends and form a club depending upon any common interest that you guys might share. It can be a book club, a chess club, a music club or anything else that bonds you all together. Take some time out every week from your busy schedule and get together at someone’s place to swap books, play a round of chess or hold jam sessions. You can even plan programs for your family members at times to add on to the fun!




Try your hand at Calligraphy

Always envied people whose writing looks like swishes of brush strokes? Why don’t you try learning the art yourself? Calligraphy might look complicated & difficult, but starters can learn the way of curving those letters step by step and you never know, you might just find out that you have a flair for it! But you can’t rush it, because an art like Calligraphy requires time, patience & skill.

Make Scrapbooking your creative outlet

We often hoard things related to good memories – such as shells from favourite beaches, tickets for some exotic flower garden, instant polaroid pictures taken on vacations and so on – but hardly know what to do with them after a point of time. Scrapbooking is the creative solution to your hoarding woes. You can indulge your crafty side by making scrapbooks of enjoyable experiences – be it holidays or travel or time spent with your loved ones – and put in your little souvenirs as part of your scrapbook décor & content. Once you start this addictive hobby, you won’t realise where the hours go by!




Blog your heart out

Many of you might have had your secret diaries during school years where you used to jot down your thoughts & musings. But with age & work pressure, those diaries & journals have just become fond memories of the past. Now you can unleash your words on the pages of an electronic web log, or a blog as they are popularly known as, and share your thoughts with the world! Spend you free time writing down a few lines on any topic that you are passionate about and if you get enough readership, your blog might just get famous too!

So, break the monotony of your busy workaholic life by taking some time out for yourself and indulge in hobbies that excite you. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are having fun doing it!!!




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