The finest time of the year is here! The rains have subsided, the sun’s subtly out and the winter’s yet to arrive… It’s the perfect time to relax and indulge in some natural skin love. So, fill up your bowls with some of our fav fruits, and get ready to mask up on some fresh goodness!

Doze up on pomegranates and kiwis. They’re both high on Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. They will pep up your blood circulation and make your skin shiny and fresh! Psst… kiwi is great for some good sleep as well!

The gooey goodness of berries, plums and peaches anyone? Mix ‘em all up into the perfect face pack to reduce sun damage, wrinkling and even pollution damage. It’s the perfect detox inside out, so blend them with some fresh yogurt for your daily smoothie too!

Add avocados to your diet to nourish and moisturize your skin. And finally, eat more grapes. It’s the perfect detox that you skin needs and it will revitalize your skin like nothing better.

In the mood to fruit up and look fabulous yet?

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