The season of chill is almost here, aka the weather that allows the trendiest, fuzziest and warmest line of clothing! I mean, you think winter and the perfect image of the perfect sweater and socks pops up with messy hair and a steaming cup of cocoa…

Let’s face it, the light’s going to be just right, the clothes all soft and mushy with added scarves and hats to go, there might just be mist outside your window – all the perfect setting for a great Instagram picture!

So, here’s a few things you can think of to ice up your Instagram feed…

Keep the hems short

It’s a known fact that your torso needs slightly more heat than your lower body. So, wear a dress or a skirt with an oversize sweater and high boots to go with the look. This is an outdoorsy look, so, look for a beautiful winter tree in bloom and pose right under it! #winterwonder

Go Monochrome

It’s officially the season of grey! Pair your grey skinny denims with a black sweater or switch the colors with black jeans to go with a grey cardigan or a denim jacket. A pair of black boots will just make you look fab! A few shopping bags in one hand and a Starbucks cuppa in the other – you’re going to get hundreds of likes on this one!

Scarf it right

We’ve all seen the ’10 ways to style a scarf’ videos on our feeds at one point or the other. A cold day invites cowl necklines or scarves the best! Pick one and make it colorful to beat the gloom of the dark days! Snap advice? Clash the colored scarf against the dark/clouded skies – get a bottom shot.

Trench it your way

Everyone needs at least one trench coat in their wardrobes. Which one would you choose? A pop of color like a faux leather red one? Or a classic beige one? A checked flannel? Whatever suits you the best!

Don’t be sneaker shy!

Lastly, sneakers are going to be your casual day BFFs this season. So, get a few pair all ready to slip into with your fuzziest socks and make for the picture-perfect look every day!

Happy Cardigans and Jackets Season to you all! #WinterIsComing

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