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The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you are still clueless on what to gift your loved ones, well, you are in neck-deep water. Plus you are Secret Santa to people at work, and among friends. We know you are regretting that you couldn’t put the Black Friday sale to maximum use (maybe cause you were busy shopping for yourself!) but all’s not lost, yet. You can still get your hands on the perfect gift for the near and dear ones in your life, and they are going to love your gift too! Here’s how!

Making the men happy

Now, gifting options for men can be quite confusing and more difficult than choosing something for women. But, though tough, it’s not an impossible task. A nice musky, woody fragrance can be a great gift that he can use for all the upcoming parties. You could gift them trendy sunglasses which would jazz up their winter holiday pictures! And of course, how can we forget the safest option, i.e. clothes. This winter, you can gift them some warmies such as a nice jumper or a more fashion-forward bomber jacket so that he can look his dapper best!

Wowing the women

You can be quite spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing gifts for women. Help her beat the holiday cold by gifting her some stylish knitted shrugs or a trendy leather jacket. You could even pick a lipstick or an eye-shadow palette, coz which girl doesn’t like make-up? Women can also never have too many shoes or handbags, so those are great gifting options, specially when you play Secret Santa to a colleague or classmate! Just keep in mind the lady’s choices & tastes before choosing the gift, and you’ll surely help her have a merry Christmas indeed!

The gift of choice

What happens if you are absolutely clueless and have no idea what to gift the other person? This may be the case if you are a Secret Santa and you don’t know that other person quite well. This season, Lifestyle’s amazing Gift Card comes to the rescue. These can be redeemed both offline or online on any item/items covered in the gift card amount. This takes the risk and uncertainty factor out of the gifting process and you are sure that the gift will be something they’ll like and use! With the Lifestyle gift card, your loved ones can pick whatever they like from a wide range of renowned brands and trendy products. And what can be better than gifting someone the chance of a shopping spree?

These were a few fool-proof gifting options that you can put to use while you play Secret (or not-so-secret) Santa this Christmas. And trust us; the person on the opposite end is going to have the happiest holiday ever. Wishing a Merry Christmas to both you and your near ones!

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