Summer is here and so are the gorgeous new nail trends on the block. Summer vibes are all around, and we are indulging in colorful make-up looks and trendy new summer clothes. So, it’s time to bring on the freshly painted summer nails too! Here are the summer nail trends that you should be flaunting this season, and your favorite fashion brand Ginger by Lifestyle is here with a whole new range of vibrant nail paints, to help you do just that!

Ginger nail paints

Fun colors on your fingertips

Summer is all about flaunting those bright, fun colours on your cuticles. You could go for bright red, pinks, oranges, blues and corals. Any of these vibrant shades is basically summer in a bottle. Try out some sun color-blocked nail art using these pop hues for a style statement! Match it with the sprinkles on your softy as you roam around the streets in pretty, ditsy floral dresses and open toed sandals.

Pretty pastels to play with

Pastel colors are soothing for the eyes as well as the heart against the scorching heat of the summer. Be it on your clothes or on your nails, pastels are definite must-haves this season. Whether you want to match your nails to the powdery blue skies or baby pink cotton candy or yellow lemonades or even lavender blackberry ice cream, there’s a color for each one of you (or your fingernail). You could even give yourself pretty pastel French manicures, ditching the cliché nude base color for a pastel twist!

Ginger nail paints ss19

Sparkle away this summer

Sparkle is in this season – not only for your clothes, accessories or make-up, but for your nails too! Party away this season in cool, flared dresses and skirts as you twirl your way to happy summer nights. Get your nails all party-ready with pretty, sparkly or metallic colors this summer. You could reach out for rich gold or chic silver or even a jazzy blue or sparkly pink to make those fingernails jazz up under the disco lights. Up your nail game with shimmery hues and let your fingers do all the talking this season!

New Ginger play paints

Now you can dress up your nails in pretty summery colors, whether it’s pop colors or pastels or even shimmery ones, and let all the compliments pour in. And what better time than now, when Ginger has launched their super affordable and fun collection of summer nail colors, at your favorite shopping destination, Lifestyle! Visit any of the nearest stores or shop your heart out online, as you stock up on all the summer nail basics. Be spoilt for choice as you browse through vibrant shades and pick out your favorite hues for summer-perfect nails!

This season, play around with bright colorful nails and put the perfect finishing touch to your stylish summer looks. Go for fun nail arts and let your cuticles make a style statement like no other! Pick up a bottle of the new Ginger Play Paint and paint away in glory!

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