The World No Tobacco Day is observed all over the globe every year on the 31st of May and aims to spread awareness and reasons as to why tobacco should be avoided highlighting the risks associated with its consumption. This day is dedicated and aims to inspire all those who are determined to leave this foul substance and wants to abstain from its intake, moving towards a healthier and tobacco-free world. It sounds too good to be true, right? But it is totally possible and all you need to do is open your eyes and see how healthy a life you can lead while saving tons of money of course! You can use that money to achieve a much better (read stylish) existence. To make you believe that we aren’t just making things up, here are a few of the many options you can actually go for with the money you save on tobacco if you give it up!

Watch Out for Watches  

Well, we all know a great timepiece can be to a man what a luxury bag is to a woman – a solid investment into personal style.  Refrain yourself from going for an old dud while choosing a new adornment for your wrist and choose something that’s both in season and reason. You can definitely go for a vintage and heritage inspired piece with smaller dials with a simple yet classy band to pair with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans for a dinner date. Also, 80s are coming back, and bi-metal watches are in, being the perfect pieces to compliment anything from a denim shirt to a suit. You can definitely go for a titanium colored watch with a streak of gold or rose gold through the middle with your pinstripes suit and oxfords giving out strong I-mean-business vibes.

Top Perfume Picks

Shopping for new cologne can be quite confusing as there are so many different and unexplored combinations of fragrances, just as every man is unique so is his choice of scents. Actually your scent is your secret weapon of style and this summer season is the perfect time to let go off your old favorites and choose a new signature scent. A spritz of the right smell can take you from dud to stud in seconds so make sure to keep your nose open while choosing yours. For starters you can definitely go for soothing and sophisticated vanilla cologne which with it slight warm, Smokey scent will make you feel like an elite. You can even go for an aromatic clean and fresh scent having zesty lemon and lively mint for all those hot slump-y mornings and it’s much more refreshing than musk. And if you want to take a walk in the English woods, get your hands on a sweet and rich earthy scent having oak, chestnut and hazelnut undertones.

Love for Linen

With the summer sun already killing us with its heat, it’s an absolute necessity to invest in cool, breathable shirts and what can be more summer appropriate than linen. So, here’s how you can take this summer staple and give it your young-age spin because just like any other men’s clothing, it’s the details that make all the difference. Linen shirts can be both dressed up and down depending on whether the occasion calls for formal or casual respectively. You can go for a multi-colored striped linen half sleeve shirt and pair it with chinos for a smart brunch look or go for a navy linen shirt unbuttoned at the collar and pair it with beige or pebble shorts for a classic vacation look. You can even choose a smart casual look by pairing a light blue linen shirt and denims with deck shoes for a weekend lunch date.

Take the Right Step with these Shoes

The right kind of footwear can essentially make or break an outfit and so it’s a must to don the right shoes that will complement the rest of your ensemble to give way to a style stating outfit. We can help to point you and your feet in the right direction with these shoes. You can opt for darker brogues for more formal occasions and lighter ones for casual events and do remember, the more the brogue-ing, the less formal it is. The oxford with its closed lacing and classic leather is a must in every man’s wardrobe whether it’s in black or tan. Also, suede trainers are an elegant alternative to sneakers and is perfect to be paired with jeans and a polo t-shirt. And not to forget, the white low-top trainers best to be teamed up with a pair of joggers and a graphic tee for a casual yet neat look.

So, dear men, these were just a few of the gazillion things that you can buy for yourself or your loved ones with the money you save up on those cigarettes. Yeah this reason is quite solid if living a longer life doesn’t interest you much. We think it’s a pretty good deal, what do you say?

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