Gifts are sometimes the hardest things to buy, but when it comes to your sister, it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Here are a few Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sis, you could never go wrong with!

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Get her a Jacket

Winter is coming, and this time, it’s a good thing! Get a good run to the top for the ‘brother of the year’ title, with a two-button casual- everyday jacket for your sis. It’s simple, not too much and goes perfect for a chilly night!

Maybe Something Layered

Nothing says ‘I love ya sis!’ like a perfectly classy layered top. Find something in a single tone like this Blue Layered Top with a bead encrusted neckline. It’s super pretty for a night out with friends and family.

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Gotta try a Handbag

Girls can love bags, and if your sister is one of them, you could never go wrong with a nice handbag to add to her collection; if she’s not into bags yet, then a good handbag for a present, will definitely be worth it!

If your sister’s just started working, then this maroon Marsala handbag might just be what she needs.

Something for her Home

If your sister loves her some good old art, then you could consider something pretty for her home. Maybe a Gold Head Teak Vase, if you ask us. And if she has just moved to another city, then some beautiful linen to go with her home away from home would be a great idea.

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Make it Simple

If you’re working with a low budget, don’t worry, because letting her know you love her, doesn’t cost much! You can whip her up a nice little goodie basket with an assortment of things she can use. Fragrance, lip color, and other accessories!

Gift her some Freedom

Hey, if all this is a little much for you, then we’re strong believers in the gift of freedom. Get your sister a nice and happy gift card. Nothing like giving her the option to buy what she wants isn’t there?

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It might seem daunting to think of the right present for your sister this Raksha Bandhan, but hey, if you’re here right now, you’re already scoring high in our books!

Got more questions on what to buy your sister? Ask away in the comments!

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