Relaxation techniques for sleep : Good sleep goes a long way in improving your health and also giving you a happier frame of mind – a definite mood booster! Here are 10 tips to relax and unwind before sleeping so you can get that beauty sleep…

1. Prep your bedroom

The right temperature and ambience in your bedroom will help you sleep better instantly. Declutter your room, dim the lights, choose bedding that is soft and doesn’t irritate your skin and turn on the fan or air conditioner to get a cool, not cold, temperature to lull you into that deep sleep.

2. Set a wake and sleep time

The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is seven hours, so set your clock from a time that suits you and try to stick to it. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday will teach your body to optimize your sleep quality. In no time, when your allocated sleep time rolls around, you will be yawning and will fall asleep promptly.

3. Sip on decaf tea

Decaf tea, especially chamomile tea is known to improve your overall sleep quality. The antioxidant-rich tea helps you feel sleepy. Green tea is another bedtime wonder. It also has a plethora of health benefits. Apart from the health benefits of tea, it is also calming to sip on a warm cup of tea – a great way to unwind!

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4. Listen to soothing music

About half an hour or 45 minutes before heading to bed, put on your headphones and listen to relaxing music. Stay away from dance or rock music and pick soothing variants like classical music or instrumentals. You can even pick audio that has the sound of the waves or of the forest. The right music will put you into the mood to sleep.

5. Journal about your day

Writing down your thoughts from the day is a good way to let go of the events that may have happened through the day and any bad feelings you may have towards them. Sometimes worries from the day can keep us up at night and that’s where journaling comes into play. Write a few lines or a few pages; however you use it, a regular practice will help you sleep better.

6. Stretch your body

Stretching your muscles or even a light yoga practice before sleeping will not only ease the physical tension in your body but will also put your mind at ease too. Focussing on a few stretches that target your whole body and breathing deeply throughout your practice will help you decompress and let go of the stresses of the day.

7. Have a warm bath

Nothing is more calming and soothing than the feeling of warm water on your skin. The warm water drops the temperature of your body that your body takes as a signal that it’s time to sleep. Having a bath or shower 90 minutes before sleeping is known to help people fall asleep quicker.

8. Read a book

To those who enjoy reading as a hobby, they will know what a stressbuster it can be. Preferably choose to read a paperback rather than on your phone or laptop so you can limit your time at a screen. Reading gives you a chance to let go of your world and focus on something else – choose topics that favour this time of night.

9. Meditate

Whether you do guided meditations or just sit quietly, meditating before bedtime is a proven stressbuster too. Find a quiet space to sit or lie down, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Although it takes practice to learn how to quiet your mind and let go of recurring thoughts, the benefits speak for themselves. Lowering stress, boosting mood, reducing heart rate and decreasing blood pressure are a few of them that will help you sleep.

10. Create a to-do list

For many of us, the thoughts of the long list of things to do the next day is what keeps us up at night. If you’re someone who thinks a lot about this, organising your following day is a good way to let go of this feeling. Create a to-do list and prioritise your tasks so you can get everything done and don’t feel too overwhelmed when you wake up.

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Shaurya Sharma

Had been going through a lot of stress and couldn’t cope with my work. The relaxation techniques for sleep mentioned in this blog helped me a lot.


I used to struggle a lot with my sleep because that is the time when everything is quiet, and my thinking process starts, thanks to these relaxation techniques for sleep, it really helped my mind to keep calm, and I can see my sleeping habits have been improved