Yet another new year has begun! We have already turned the first two of the 366 pages (in case you are not aware, this is a leap year) and the celebrations are still on! An unwritten rule of ringing in the new year is a long list of resolutions that everybody makes. But year after year of making & breaking the resolutions can make you lose interest in drawing up yet another list this year. So, why not make an exciting bucket list instead? That too, one that’s achievable.




New hobbies

Why not take up a few new hobbies this year? On you next vacation, take along your dad’s old camera and try your hand at photography. Remember those sewing classes back at school? You can try reviving your skills by embroidering your initials on hankies or table napkins. You can even enrol in hobby classes such as baking or clay-moulding and learn something new! There’s no age for pursuing hobbies and you’ll be surprised to find that hobbies can be refreshing & enjoyable at any age!

Do what you love

Thanks to your busy daily schedule and hectic everyday life, you rarely get time to do things that you love. This year, take time out to do something or the other every day. Read books, even if it is a few pages before you go to sleep. Cook food for your family on Sundays. Bake a batch of cookies on a winter afternoon. Used to have a knack for drawing? Buy a sketchbook and doodle in it during office breaks. Make some time for your passion – be it swimming, dancing, writing or just watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S – these can be rejuvenating stress-busters after a hectic day at work.




Travel tales

Who doesn’t love the smell of adventure held by new places? Travelling rates high on everyone’s bucket list, so why should yours be any different? Resolve to travel whenever you’ll get the chance – weekend trips to a nearby hill-station can be as refreshing & exciting as a long vacation to an exotic beach. Find out remote places which are not frequented by commercial tourists and enjoy some un-disturbed time, far from the madding crowd, with friends or family. Don’t worry, travelling need not always be expensive. You can experience the local flavours of a place more intensely if you travel on a budget.

Be crazy once in a while

Societal norms and family life might always expect you to be on your best behaviour and act normal. So, why not break the mould and be crazy once in a while? Take your friends out on a karaoke night and sing yourself hoarse – your understanding of rhythm & music doesn’t really matter. Go on a long drive or ride by yourself, drive on till you reach the next town, spend a lazy afternoon looking around and come back by evening; there’s nothing as rejuvenating as some quality me-time. Throw a pool-side slumber party and when things just start warming up, give all your friends a surprise push into the pool! It might sound crazy, but it is awesome fun too!!




Learn to DIY

With the global-warming levels rising higher than the New York skyscrapers, it’s time for you to follow the recycling trend. Be it in home décor or fashion, recycling & re-using old things to give them new forms is as exciting a hobby as it is helpful for the environment. Why throw away old t-shirts when you can DIY them into new styles? You can rip & shred an old pair of denims, instead of buying a new distressed pair in order to follow fashion trends. Turn old paint cans into planters or used wine bottles into candle stands.

A bit of all this can make your bucket list an enviable one indeed! What’s more, all these goals are easily achievable too! So, start making your bucket list and have an amazing 2016!!!




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