With the New Year weekend coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity of welcoming 2018 with a bang. This time, escape the city’s hustle bustle and go spend the last weekend of the year in a picturesque location, in the company of your near ones set. These off-beat yet definitely-worth-visiting places will make you have a relaxing getaway as well as cherishing memories without crazy crowds spoiling it all. So, these New Year, indulge in some incredible experiences either in or outside India and avoid the known tourist trails to discover something new and exciting as you step into 2018!



Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

This place is as uncommon as its name and its beauty as unmatched. It’s one of the lesser known locales of North-Eastern India, blessed with all of its charm intact. Awarded the cleanest village in Asia in 2003, this place is going to be a complete treat for your senses this New Year’s weekend. There are numerous waterfalls to dip your leg into, caves to explore and given the out-of-this-world scenic bliss of this town, you can literally backpack throughout Mawlynnong. A must-have experience is to walk on the Living Roots bridge, a bridge formed by the roots of the trees that’ll leave you in awe of the creations by nature.


Hainan Island-China-sea-ship

Hainan Island, China

One of the most off-beat tropical beaches, this island in China is known to very few. January being the perfect time to visit this place, you can either choose to stay in shacks on the Sanya beach or book a luxurious beach resort in Sanya City. You absolutely must take a hilly hiking trail over the suspension bridges at Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone to witness the natural beauty standing amidst the thick rainforest. Also, you can experience something new by choosing to stay in cute, comfortable tree houses in the woods and keep half a day to visit the cool crocodile farm in Sanya.


himalayas-Spiti-Himachal Pradesh -hills

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Enveloped amidst the high altitudes of Himachal, Spiti is one of those hidden gems that you definitely should visit once in a lifetime. Boasting of an altitude of 14,931 ft., it’s the paradise of adventure seekers or solace lovers. The majestic snowy mountains have patches of green every now and then, adorned with old and ancient monasteries having beautiful architecture and unspoken calmness. For all the thrill-lovers, there are endless options – starting from trekking to mountain biking to camping – to get those adrenalines pumping. Do visit the picturesque villages of Ki, Kibber, Kaza etc. and you will add a memorable vacation to your list of lifetime experiences.



Panajachel, Guatemala

Listed among the lesser-known tourist destinations abroad, Panajachel offers breath-taking views that are each more beautiful than the other. The docks give you an overview of the picturesque Lake Atitlan with tall, distant mountains adding to the pretty-as-picture scenery. You can choose to go for a swim in the cool, clear waters of the lake or go boating with your loved ones to spend a perfect New Year afternoon. Welcome the first day of the year with a strikingly beautiful and romantic sunset amidst such scenic elements. And you can even take part in exciting activities like hiking, Kayaking, Parasailing etc. to have a thrilling weekend. Also, the highlights of Panajachel are its famous butterfly farm and La Galeria which is one of the oldest galleries in Central America.


So, this New Year’s weekend, don’t go to the usual touristy attractions as you explore and uncover the beauties of these lesser known amazing locations. Be it beaches or mountains, in or outside India, we have a picturesque destination for everyone. These may not have been on your bucket list but once you visit these locations, you’ll thank us for recommending them!


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