It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re already dreaming up dozens of red roses, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates and cute lacy underthings! And if you’re a sucker for romance and Valentine traditions, then lets talk about all the ways we can embrace our red-hot side on the day of St. Valentine.

As eternal and classic as a black dress may be, red is the way to go on this Hallmark  holiday. You see, few outfits pack a punch quite like the red dress. If you’re looking to get more wattage out of your date-night style, a red dress will up the ante every time. After all, there is something to be said about a lady in red.

Ah, now about finding that perfect red dress. Trust us, with all the different options at Lifestyle, you will have so many places to go this season. What we love about the perfect red dress is that you can wear it anytime, anywhere – because really, love should be celebrated everyday! Whether you’re going out on a romantic date or slamming one too many cocktails with your girlfriends, here are 4 style ideas that will steal your heart.

For a hot date

This flirty fit and flare dress screams confidence and we all know how attractive confidence is. Top the look off with a smoky eye and nude lip, or if you’re feeling daring, go ahead and try a red lip.

ONLY – Rs. 3295

For an elegant ‘wine and dine’ dinner

A graceful maxi dress sets the tone well. Delicate accessories worn with a black box clutch will ensure you’re a showstopper!

109F – Rs. 3299

For a night on the town with your besties

A blood-red lacy number will complement your curves and its midi length will make you look lean and tall. A smattering of bling in your shoes is just the right way to make a style statement. Who needs boys when you look this good!

AND –  Rs. 3499

For an outing with your family – because that’s love too.

A shift dress will do the trick. What’s not to love? It is a classic silhouette and the shape covers and flatters in all the right ways. Pair of pumps and one piece of statement jewellery, and you’ve nailed comfort AND subtle sophistication.

Van Heusen – Rs. 3995

So ladies, ready to paint the town red?

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