To be honest, joggers are always in season. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be wrapped in the most stylish piece of comfort all the time?

The inventor of joggers was truly a genius. It’s the perfect match of formal slacks, comfy pajamas and the good-looks of jeans all mish-mashed for your perusal. They fit your form well – especially the stretchy ones, they pair well with mostly everything as they’re the trendiest bottoms around, and they feel heavenly!

Kappa Men

Why we love them so much?

Well, for starters, they’re in a way even better than denims! I mean yes, denims are classier and can be styled in more ways. But joggers have the vantage point of being mid-way between casual and right-about formal. The high-fashion ramps are flooded with joggers paired with suits and blazers and also your most casual tees, sweaters or bralettes!


And denim joggers, well they’re about to take over the world as conquerors of fashion any day now!

Secondly, athleisure is the new workwear! We’ve all seen it, first in the movies and on Netflix, and then in our own meeting rooms. Joggers are solely responsible for this. I mean, wouldn’t you want to rock a crisp white formal shirt loosely tucked into a low waist narrow-bottom pair of joggers? (Ooh, I can almost hear the heeled boots click away).

And finally, joggers are a match made in heaven for all kinds of shoes! You can pair them with your everyday sneakers, or throw on some round-the-block flip flops. You can even wear heels it you dress the top right!

Try out Kappa’s paneled slim fit knitted joggers or solid joggers with pockets from UCLA. Hands down, joggers have truly stolen our hearts and become our comfiest pair of BFFs!

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