Semi-formal is a term that often leads to dilemma and confusion regarding what to wear and what not to. But it also leaves a great deal of space for your interpretations and experiments when dressing up for an event that has a semi-formal dress code. This style of dressing lies somewhat midway between cocktail dressing and formal dressing. You can sport this style at work, if you are smart enough to hit the right semi-formal note that is accepted at your workplace.

Here are some dos and don’ts for all you dapper men out there for nailing that smart semi-formal look effortlessly.

  • A light-colored suit with a simple button-down shirt spells semi-formal chic like nothing else. The vest is not compulsory, but it’s not prohibited either. You can even go for a printed shirt and well-tailored pants, if you are not into the whole suit business.
  • Keep the color palette muted or solid, or play around with rich moody tones like navy, burgundy, olive or mustard. You can ditch those boring neutrals, but steer clear of loud or OTT pop hues as well.
  • For accessories, you can pick out a trendy chronograph watch or quirky cuff links. A sleek tie complements semi-formal looks impeccably, whether paired with solid or printed shirts.
  • Regular oxford shoes are the safest option to go for while you can even experiment with brogues. Make sure that the belt matches the shoes. You can also pair leather slip-ons or suede moccasins for a cool spin to your semi-formal look.
  • If you don’t want to go for a full-on formal suit look at work, then adding a semi-formal touch by pairing your formal pants with a well-tailored linen or twill jacket, and a micro-printed shirt will take you places!
  • Don’t sport graphic t-shirts or shirts having floral prints, jazzy embroidery etc. which are a strict no-no when it comes to semi-formal dressing. Micro-prints, tone-on-tone textures, polo-tees or pin-stripes, on the other hand, are preferred for these looks.
  • Last but not the least, make sure your shoes are clean, your shirt is tucked in, your hairstyle is well-groomed and your attitude is suave while presenting your best-dressed, semi-formal look at any occasion.

Here’s hoping that a “semi-formal” dress code on any event invite won’t scare you ever again. Keep these pointers in mind and put together trendy semi-formal looks that will put forward your own style sensibility, above everything else. Check out Lifestyle for a wide variety of clothes & accessories that’ll help you nail those semi-formal outfits like a pro, and get going!


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