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There are not many accessories which can put a chic finishing touch to your trendy summer look, like a pair of sunglasses. A cool pair is a perfect way to jazz up easy-breezy summer dresses or vacation-friendly shorts looks. Sunglasses trends are taking a new direction this summer as with oversized styles & cat-eye shapes being in vogue again. Here are all the top styles of shades that you need to eye up this season, so that you can beat the heat in style!

Go Retro With Cat-Eye

The new cat-eye trend isn’t about being super-thin, but it’s more like a rounded bottom, and fat jutted-out top corners. The new cat-eyes come in bold colors like neon green, cherry red as well as trendy animal prints. Also, 90s-inspired micro cat-eye glasses have made a strong comeback this season. It’s time to sport those teeny or oversized cat-eye glasses and go retro with your polka-dotted skater dresses, wedge sandals & bold red lips!

Trendy High-flier

This summer, let your style touch the skies, as you opt for a pair of classic aviators to seal your summer look. Aviators are still one of the most popular styles around – for both men & women – and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This season, it’s time to go for a more rounded version of your aviators, with clear reflector lenses, thin rims and plastic or metal, pop-colored side arms. Match them up with your shoes or bag, denims and a white shirt and let your trendy Aviators do all the talking.

Classic and Cool

Classic Wayfarer shades which have been protecting your eyes from the sun since years now. But, no matter how long since it has been in existence, it hasn’t lost its charm one bit. The only modern update has been that it has started becoming more popular with transparent or patterned frames and colored reflector lenses. Pack in a pair of cool wayfarers to flaunt with your polo tee & linen shorts on the next vacation, so that your Instagram pictures are on point!

Cool Colors For Summer

Matching your lenses to their frames officially became a thing when models on the runway slayed those candy-colored sunglasses. This season, it’s all about seeing life in yellow, blue, red and purple. With acetate lenses tinted in the same color as frames, it’s time to seriously flaunt these cool, trendy sunglasses with your summer brunch looks or even for a casual coffee date. If you are not adventurous enough to sport bright colors, then you can go for sunglasses in shades like olive green, brown or burgundy.

It’s time to spruce up your sunglass collection with trendy styles that are making all the fashion waves this season. And what better time than when Lifestyle is hosting a sunglasses fest, in association with Fastrack where you get 25% off on gorgeous eyewear! Choose your sunnies well and you shall receive a face upgrade like no other, with the help of a fashion accessory that’s capable of blocking harmful UV rays while making you work that swag whenever you step out!

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